Wanted: good and cheap tailor

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Hey, I need your help! As every women and men need a tailor in Shanghai, I would need an address for a good and cheap tailor as mine now is not good, too expensive and doesn´t speak English.  Thanks guys, you make my day ;-)   


Jenny-889713 1365590119

Hey Tiara,

Yes you are right, every women and men needs a good tailor in Shanghai! 

I have a tailor, she is nice, speaks English and makes really nice clothes. I send 50 and more expats to her and they were all happy! 

Name: Wei Na

Address: 168 DongMen Lu, 3 Floor No.314 

Tel: 13022159565 (just in case you can´t find it) 

She will make you happy and a good price ;-)


Nancy-889719 1365686705


thats funny, I just wanted to have a look, which tailor someone recomments and I also go to this tailor.

Wei Na is just great, funny, knows the details about fabrics. If she thinks its not good looking on you, she says it, what you won´t find from other Chinese, they will sell you everything. 

I highly can recommend Wei Na. 

stibohc 1421156628


do you need to have an existing design for them or are there designs which u can choose from?

do they tailor dresses too?

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