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A local company is doomed for bankruptcy. The company has asked around 7 employees to quit their job and look for a new one - forced resignation. One of them happens to be pregnant. Sadly, these people who were asked to resign won't get anything from the company. The employer won't compensate them for anything. By law, Chinese companies are ought to compensate their employee when they fire him/her. However, some smart bosses would always find a way to avert this situation by simply forcing them to resign. In addition, in order to avoid more financial liabilities, the company is planning to sell out the business to some one or ask some businesses to take over. In effect, the new management has the right to choose who stays and who's out. Then again, the question of that employee being compensated as soon as he/she leaves the company arises. While some of us expats are lucky enough not to be in this kind of situation, or perhaps really good enough not to be working in this kind of small local companies, it is still important to know your rights and privileges. I bet many of us working in Shanghai think that the contract is just a piece BS written in a formal way and with a chop. Be in the know. Better know your rights as an employee. Don't just let things pass by easily.

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Going through some online discussions and forums about Shanghai's worsening air quality, it seems that the report before about China's being the best place for expats to move into is now showing a contrast. Considering it's move towards globalisation and improving China's economy (looking at the FTZ), Shanghai can still be a good place to invest. However, with its worsening environment, I am wondering how locals and expats could live well here enough to see their fruit of labour... It's a pity how the government has taken less consideration about this case as they're more focused on the figures. Would it not be good if they also pay more attention and investment on environment and health safety? Anyway, better keep well and healthy. Wear mask. We still see a spark of hope beneath that heavy smoggy haze.

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To all American expats in Shanghai, we wish you a very happy Thanksgiving Day! Hope you get to celebrate it like home.   For Thanksgiving Meals check this out http://shanghai.angloinfo.com/whatson/featured/27378/turkey-to-go

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Planning to start your business in Shanghai? Better understand the market first. Look for some marketing and advertising agencies who can help you having a clearer picture of the Shanghai and China market. http://shanghai.angloinfo.com/af/282/shanghai-marketing-graphic-design-and-advertising.html

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Moving to Shanghai? Check out this list of relocatio agencies who can help you in moving. http://shanghai.angloinfo.com/af/272/shanghai-relocation-and-help-moving-to-china.html

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I love to eat! yes. I am a eatbie. So i want to know your favorite restaurant. can you share with me! Then i will collect them for writing articles and you will find them in www.mandarinmorning.org!

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Hi guys, there is a good Ayi who can do very good cleaning job, like professional one, is waiting for your hire. She lives in Tangzhen Pudong area, the service of her can reach to, is from 1:00pm-5:00pm, near Zhangjiang hi-tech park, Tang Chen villa, or Jinqiao area but near Zhangjiang. Who interested please contact 138 1754 7683 in Chinese, and 180 1786 3139 in English.  Pity is she can not speak English.

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Internship placement services in Shanghai:http://shanghai.angloinfo.com/af/581/shanghai-internship-placement-and-study-abroad.html

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China Visa Extension In China and HongKong.(3-6-12Month) This is Sophia from Shanghai JZ VISA CENTER. We have a professional service team.Why not contact us? Our Service Items: F/L/Z Visa Application All Types of Invitation Letters and Visa Visa Alteration and Extension “Fast-tract"Z Visa Service If you hold type of L China Visa. 1>L visa can be extend once,each time one month 0/1 entry only. Application Documents: 1.Passport with Current visa 2.Residence Registration Certificate in Beijing. 3.A recent 2-inch photo with pale blue background. 2>L to F/M is available. Application Documents: 1.Passport with Current visa 2.A recent 2-inch photo with pale blue background. 3>L to Z is always available.(If you have company hire you in shanghai,and don't know how to apply Work visa in Shanghai,we can support you to apply it). If you hold type of F/M China Visa. F visa extension: 1>F visa for 3 months 0/1 entry, 2>F visa for 6 months 0/1/2/multi-entries. 3>F visa for 12 months multi-entries. If you hold type of Z China Visa.You are so luckily. You can renew Z visa anytime. If you hold L/F visa , you want to apply for Z visa .?all the process need 35-40 working days in China? Step1?Applying for the working invitation letter(5 working days)and employment license(15 working days) in China. Step2: to fly to the nearest place you can go to AUS with the employment license and letter and use them to apply for a temporary Z visa in HK or your Home country China embassy. Step3: come back in Shanghai with Z visa, then apply for the working permit(3 working days) Step4: application residence permit for one year , multi-entries.(15 working days) http://shanghai.angloinfo.com/classifieds/index/all/category/classifieds/0/15/viewclassified/280537/professional-visa-team-renew-your-china-visa-anytime3-6-12month

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I hope we don't get a few. http://shanghai.angloinfo.com/af/581/shanghai-internship-placement-and-study-abroad.html

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Seeking for some career opportunities in China? Check out our list of head-hunters and recruiters. Get in touch with them and start your future in Shanghai > http://shanghai.angloinfo.com/af/442/shanghai-jobs-recruitment-and-headhunters.html

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Being away from your family could be a hard thing, so search for some communities or interest groups here > http://shanghai.angloinfo.com/af/245/shanghai-expat-clubs-and-associations.html

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Shanghai Dentists and Orthodontists, this is the listing of Shanghai dentists and orthodontists:http://shanghai.angloinfo.com/af/532/shanghai-dentists-and-orthodontists.html go and take a look, there are 41 dentists here for your selection.  

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A recent report from Washington Post http://wapo.st/1cHlNWo indicated that China is one of the best places to relocate. Despite of its worsening air quality, China's viable expat relocation can be accounted to its globalisation move and Shanghai's launch of FTZ.  Get to know more about China and things you have to keep in mind before flying to Shanghai. http://shanghai.angloinfo.com/information/moving/.   

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Travel in Shanghai's neighbouring cities and discover ancient wonders such as the Xitang Water Town or Songjiang's Mount Sheshan (4A grade). You may also travel in Shanghai's neighbouring cities and learn more about the rich and colourful China history like Hangzhou's West Lake and Leifeng Pagoda or Suzhou's Gardens. http://shanghai.angloinfo.com/af/244/shanghai-travel-agents-and-trip-planners.html

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Looking for someone to troubleshoot your desktop or laptop who can speak English? Find them here > http://shanghai.angloinfo.com/af/500/shanghai-computer-repairs-maintenance-and-components.html

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Internship in China has been one of the most common ways on getting a career here. Normally, those fresh graduates or people who have a bit of employment would try their luck here. However, it's a hit or miss thing for long-term job seekers. In some cases, as soon as their internship ends up, it's still a tough luck securing a permanent job due to the strict employment requirements of many companies here or getting a work-visa (Z-visa) sponsorship. On the other hand, not all interns go home empty handed, those who have learn enough, especially  knowing some Mandarin and making 'guanxi' or networks, they get to have promising job with good pay, visa sponsorship, flight reimbursement, insurance and some, housing allowance. Generally, speaking, how does internship in China shape up both parties?

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Bodyguard Service Business in Shanghai A concern has been raised which I'm hoping for your thoughts. It's all about the bodyguard service business in Shanghai. How is this possible? And what sort of connection (guanxi) would provide better understanding of the feasibility of this business? To see the actual post, please visit our Facebook group www.facebook.com/groups/AIShanghai/ Thanks for your support!

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The pilot launch of Shanghai's Free-Trade Zone is yet another thing for businesses to watch out. Since Deng Xiao Ping's reformation policy which revolutionised China as an open-economy and made Shenzhen a special trade zone, the country has witnessed a big transformation of its economy leading to the world's second largest economy next to the US. But it wasn't that open enough, restrictions, policies and even information such as the Great Firewall have slowed down China's progress. Now this FTZ brings you fresh hopes and more opportunities for China to further improve its economy and deeply stablises its ground in the global economy. This said, we are looking at some significant points:  a. Banks and some businesses within its boundaries will be allowed to explore and experiment for new heights where it is tightly controlled by China  b. Highly favourable for state-run enterprises and free flow of capital  c. Would this lead to a much more increase in China's export trade? What about the import?  d. Loose restriction on interest rates and full-convertibility of the Renminbi (RMB)  e. Lastly, there are words that restricted sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc will be unblock in the FTZ.  f. A drastic change in the real estate prices within its areas Seems these have gone way beyond what had happened back in 1980, the opening up indeed has taken a big leap for China's economy. With all these, how would the FTZ affect the Shanghai expat community? More jobs? Another visa policy change? Facebook and Twitter can be accessed without using VPN? Would it be helpful or detrimental for the Shanghai expats? Neutral perhaps? Let's share what we know about this and enlighten the expats and future expats of Shanghai on what's going to happen in the next few years.

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For us to better reach out to those who are about to make Shanghai their new home, we are already there for you (in your social network) just before you would start doing your research about Shanghai. And to those who are already here in Shanghai, our dear Shanghai expats, we will keep you very close to helpful information such as business listings, information about settling in Shanghai (relocation, housing, visa, employment, car-rental, etc), What's On in Shanghai, forums and the FREE classified section. Now that the government has proposed to unblock Facebook and Twitter, that's gonna be even better!  Follow us on: Facebook @AngloINFO Shanghai  Google Plus @Shanghai AngloINFO Instagram @sh_angloinfo LinkedIn Group - Shanghai AngloINFO Twitter (We are updating our Twitter account, we definitely going to tweet you soon!)   Let's get social and build a very thriving expat community in Shanghai. Shanghai is your home!

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