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Wines beers and spirits in ShangHai for Shanghai expat http://shanghai.angloinfo.com/af/252/shanghai-wines-beers-and-spirits.html

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Hi all, The American Women's Club of Shanghai is a not-for-profit social club who meets on a regular basis to  assist expatriate women in Shanghai with adjusting to and living in a new environment. The club is open to all women, not only American women. It is a good opportunity to meet new people, learn new activities and receive special member discounts on wine, retreats, Chinese classes, and more. Their website can be accessed here: http://www.awcshanghai.org/    

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Property search and house hunters in Shanghai for Shanghai expats, here are the listings of 39 business entries: http://shanghai.angloinfo.com/af/350/shanghai-property-search-and-house-hunters.html

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What are some ways to spend free time in the city? I am wanting to find different and interesting ways to spend my time and not just indoors. Any suggestions on what to do in the city for fun? :)

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Hi, i was wondering when the best time to visit Shanghai is?  I've been here for a month already but ive only seen the sun twice, and for not very long. What is the weather like year round? Thanks  

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Hi All my friends, here are the Business Associations and Networking lists in Shanghai for Shanghai Expat http://shanghai.angloinfo.com/af/561/shanghai-business-associations-and-networking.html

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Hi all, Air Pollution is Shangha is really bad in recent two years. Here I would like to share the Air Quality Index from American Embassy for your reference. Pity that I CAN NOT put a photo here. Today the Index is: 110.

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All churches with English services list here: http://shanghai.angloinfo.com/af/23/shanghai-churches-religion-and-spirituality.html

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List of international nursery schools  and Kindergarten in Shanghai. http://shanghai.angloinfo.com/af/502/shanghai-nursery-schools-creche-and-kindergarten.html

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A list of International schools in Shanghai.http://shanghai.angloinfo.com/af/250/shanghai-international-schools.html

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hey does anyone know a good place to buy a mac charger? (without spending a fortune in a mac store..) thanks!!

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Hi everyone,  I'm working in shanghai, and just returned from a weekend trip to Beijing. Have to say i much prefer Shanghai even if the trip was only 3 days long.  Has anyone been/worked there? Any thoughts? 

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What are some awesome gifts you can give to your family for a special occasion in your opinion? Would like to hear some thoughts on what you all think:).

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Best Resource Security Associates (BRSA) specialized in Guarding Service and Technical Security System for multi-national corporations and high-profile individuals. BRSA is fully licensed as a professional security service corporation. If you need legal job with reasonable salary in Shanghai, please contact us and join our Security Group. if you need Security Service in Shanghai, like guarding service and technical support, please contact us. Email: vip@secu-as.cn or  renee.gu@secu-as.cn Tel: (86)(21)34160119 Fax:(86)(21)64165110 website: www.secu-as.cn

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Hey guys,  So, little problem... how / where can I watch live european football matches?  Confederations Cup coming up, and wanted to watch, but the matches start at 03:00.  Also, how did you guys watch the Champions league?? I've just arrived in Shanghai, but I love my football and if anyone has any tips/advice/places to go to..that would be awsome!! (My internet is too slow for streaming...)

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Hi Everyone,  Can anybody tell me the trusted VPN here in Shanghai? I can not use my Face Book, twitter, even other very general website. I used to buy a local VPN, but it did not work well, can anybody suggest any good VPN for my IPHONE, I PAD ? Thank you so much.  

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Hi, does anyone know a company that provides international shipping at a good price? I would need to ship a box from Shanghai to the London, UK. I made the mistake of overpacking my luggage, and i would need to ship quite a lot.  Any advice/tips would be amazing! thanks

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I'm thinking of opening a tea parlour here. Where should I start? How much money do I need? How do I register my company?

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Where/how can I learn Tai Chi? I'd like to learn it properly, not it off some random guy on the street. So, what are your recommendations? Thanks!

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As Duan Wu festival is coming, does any one here knows this Chinese tipical festival? How are you guys to celebrate this? I am keen to known more details of the fetival, as I am going to spend these couple days here. 

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