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What´s up these days?  Weather is getting better and we get a looong weekend ;-) Is something going on in Shanghai at the long weekend? Thx for some advice. 

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I have to post this. I have so many male friends, me included that search for a Western girl!  You have the option: too busy, too proud about herself, not available (often not true), etc.... Whats wrong with the Western girls here in Shanghai? We don´t get it, can somebody explain? 

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Hey Shanghai expats, I wanted to ask you, if Shanghai is an expensive city or not? I will move to Shanghai thats why I´m asking.  Thanks for the reply.    

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Hey,  I know it sounds strange, but I love avocado and so far I bought expensive avocados for +30 RMB but they are not good.  Does someone have a secret place where to buy them?! Thank you. 

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Hey Shanghainese, I wanted to ask you, how it was for you to come to Shanghai?  I came 1 month ago and for me its kind of a shock as I have to learn the language, handle the Chinese, as they have different manners/habbits etc. I really like Shanghai because of the food, that people are so open and nice, the crazy partys, having an Ayi, going by taxi everyday.  What is your experience? Would love to hear what people say, how it was for you to come to Shanghai?  Xie xie ;-)

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Hey, Im following since one week Shanghai AngloInfo facebook and wanted to ask: Who is doing those pictures, some of them are really nice?! Thank you.

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Hey Shanghai people,  A lot of people tell me, there are so many nice places around Shanghai!  Which spot is worth to go, as I don´t want to waste time, as my freetime is limited!? Which place do you recommend: Nanxiang, Tongli, Chongming Island, Songjiang, Sheshan, Suzhou's Ancient Gardens, Hangzhou's West Lake, Yangtze River Water Town, Sheshan Sculpture Park, Yixing and the Art of Clay Teapots Thank you. 

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Hey guys, I love Thai food and as there are so many in Shanghai, I would appreciate if you could give me a good advice.  Thanks. 

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Hey Shanghai expats, I´m wondering where I can find friends here in Shanghai and not only drinking buddies.  Its a huge city, but where do you normally go, if you want to meet people, who have similar interests as you have?! Thank you for your reply.  

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I wanted to ask you, if we need summer / winter time?  I find it totally nonsense, as here in China we have during the winter 7hours and from today 6hours. Summer time is much better for doing business with the world. When we have 16pm, Europe wakes up, so you always have meetings late with Europe and you have to do overtime at the office. Its only one hour, but I know this hour is important.  I hope it will change one day!  Background:  European Summer Time is the arrangement in Europe by which clocks are advanced by one hour in spring and moved back in autumn, to make the most of seasonal daylight. This is done in all of the countries of Europe except Iceland, Belarus, and Russia. Summer Time was first introduced in some countries during the First World War, then largely abandoned with some exceptions, mostly during the Second World War, until the 1960s and 70s when the energy crisis prompted a wide scale re-introduction. The practice has been fully coordinated across the continent since 1996. (wikipedia.org)

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What are your favorite things aobut living in Shanghai? What do you love about it? I want to know! Happy Easter folks!

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What are your plans for Easter this weekend? I know it's not a tradition here, but what does Easter mean to you? What are traditions you and your family do each year if you celebrate?

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Hello there! I want to know what happens in Shanghai for Easter. Do people celebrate it here like we do in the West? Do they know what it's about? Thanks guys, 

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Hello all,  Where can I buy English magazines for a cheaper price since they tend to be pricier overseas. Any suggestions welcome:).

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What was your most embarrassing moment as a foreigner in China? Would love to hear some stories on this!

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What is the weather/climate for Shanghai during the year? Is it pretty much the same climate all year round or are there more extreme temperatures for each season? I just haven't lived here long enough and am wondering how to adjust to the climate since it's so different to what I am used to. Thanks,

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Hi all, Where can I find Western brand clothing and styles that I would like? I find the styles here in Shanghai don't really suit my body type or style. Please give me some advice if you have any! Much appreciated :)

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What are some great travel websites or travel blogs you can recommend for me? I would like to see pictures / read articles of places I've never been and get some ideas for travelling for when I am able to afford it :). Thanks a lot.

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Hi, Where can I find a shop that sells English books in Shanghai?

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How do you like to spend your free time? Are you the adventurous type? What activities do you enjoy? What information would you like to know about the city of Shanghai? Post your answers and thoughts in this discussion!

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