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What are some things you find difficult or different to your home country living in Shanghai as a foreigner? Be honest and I want to know what others think about living in a foreign country as a foreigner:).

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Where is a good place to buy flowers all year round in Huanpu district? Thanks!

started by: rachel53 · last update: 1363259745 · posted: 1363255406

Hi, are there any music shops that sell musical instruments in the city? I want to buy a guitar, but I don't know where is the best place for a good quality guitar and for a good price. Would like some advice/help is appreciated! I also want to take up lessons in the future, but I will save that question for another day:).

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Hi Everyone,  Just wondering. What are some good places to travel within or near Shanghai city? Any suggestions are welcome. 

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Hello!  I want to take some time to travel take advantage (when it's not too hot) to travel for cheap in China and Shanghai. Any ideas for cheap and nice places to travel for a week or weekend?  

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Hi all, What are some good hot spots for tea/coffee? I want to explore the city more and find some new coffee shops to enjoy on the weekends with friends.

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Hi all, are there any beaches that are close to Shanghai City? It would be nice to travel once the weather gets warmer. I wanted to get some ideas first. Thanks guys!

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Hi, I have a few things I have in mind that I need to buy, but I don't want to spend a ton of money on new items. Does anyone know where I can find secondhand shops in the city? Great, thanks ;-)

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Hi all,  Are there any international churches for English speakers in Shanghai? I was hoping to find a church to go to since I don't have a home church here yet...Thank you!

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Hi everyone,  Is there an ancient town to visit in Shanghai? I would like to take my friends there for sightseeing and also take lots of photos. Any suggestions?

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Does anyone have any ideas for gifts for people outside of Shanghai who have never been here? Just looking for some ideas or even shops that sell great gifts for people back home. -Thanks  

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Hello,  I have been looking for shoes that fit well for a while. I have much larger feet as a non-Asian and I would be happy to find a good shoe store that sells bigger sizes for women. Any suggestions? :)

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Hi- My friend is coming to visit me and I want to take her to a nice spa in the downtown area of Shanghai--Does anyone know of good places in the area?? Thanks.

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Hello! Where in Shanghai is it possible to buy organic food? I have been eating in a lot more recently and found it difficult to buy some groceries since I can't read the ingredients. I think it's a safe bet to try and buy organic foods at a local grocery store if it's possible. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!

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Where is the best romantic restaurant to date a girl in Pudong district?

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