Best Hospital in Shanghai

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Hi !  I am having problems bending my leg, which I broke a few years ago. Does anyone know a good hospital? I can't speak Chinese, so I am looking for an internaltional hospital with great facilities !   Thanks ! 


davidpeters 1374506772

I can highly recommend Shanghai East International Medical Center in Pudong. I went there a few weeks ago because of my aching shoulder and they helped me straight away. The doctor was fluent in English and all of the staff were very helpful! 


Hope this helps! 



PeterHodge 1374590879

Thanks a lot! I will check it out :) 

Shanghai Sky Clinic 1435602886

I have been in Shanghai for a couple of Month and I am happy I found a private hospital called Sky Clinic where doctors speak many languages from Spanish to Hindi. Communication in the same language is already difficult, I dont even imagine consulting with a doctor that does not speak the same language as me. The website is

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