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Does anyone have experience of either Shanghai East hospital or Peoples First?


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Hi, visiting shanghai hospital uaually is not a good adventure. I personally have been to couple hospitals in Shanghai, includes the private hospital and some public one, to tell the truth I prefer to go the private one, they may charge you more, but compare to the public one those owned by the local government, it worthes the money. Here are the list of the hospitals who can provide English service:  Shanghai East Hospital is not bad, if you compare it from the equipments, and the specially of it is the surgery of the bones, while there is a international hospital on its 10th floor, 10th? or 12th,don't remember exactly, but there are more experienced doctors from over seas, the over all environment is good.

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i agree with this.





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Hi David,

Whew, this one got posted months ago. But hope I could still catch up. Anyway, I do have experience on those 2 hospitals. And what I'm going to say is it really depends. My wife is a local so it's easy for me to get along with them, and I find the service convenient (since my wife did much of the talking).

But say I'd go there by myself, I'd go for hospitals having expat services - Shanghai East has one, I think two, one is affiliated to Shanghai East, I think that's somewhere in the upper level, while the other one is on the ground floor, but not affiliated to Shanghai East. The latter is quite costy but if you have an insurance then that would help you cover the cost. The private ones are more expat-friendly, as Nancy had posted before, you can check the ones nearby. 

People's First (Shanghai First People's Republic Hospital, if that's what you're referring to) is usually crowded. I think they have expat services but I am not sure if its convenient. It's better if you'd go for those where expats would usually recommend like the private ones or Shanghai East.

Stay well David!

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