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 What are some of the benefits of joining a gym? I am on the fence about deciding whether to join a gym or just workout at home/run outdoors. I think there are advantages/disadvantages to each, but I want to hear what you all do for exercise, if you are interested in staying in shape and being healthy even. What do you think? What should I do?


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Well, there are a lot of gyms to choose from and they can be pricey depending on how much you are willing to spend for membership fees. If you are willing and able to commit to the time, effort and money you can try it out and see if it is something you want to invest in. You can also try the opposite and run outside at a nearby park or try weights at home if you have the space for it. Good luck and hope you find what you're looking for that best suits your need!

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- In the long run, having home weights will be good. But the intitial cost is very high, especially if you don't have a routine or plan that you like to follow. 

-A gym can accomodate any type of trying, more or less. If you do bodybuilding or general weight training, home gym is fine, but if you switch to stronglifts a gym might be better. 

-A home gym is more flexible. you don't worry about crouded and sweaty places. 

-But then again, bying a rack, or a smith machine, a range of weights is costly and you need space. 

If i could afford it, i'd love to have my own gym. 

That being said, I find it very hard to meet my macros and micro nutrient contents. A lot of the food is fried, or is cooked in and contains unhealthy fats. 

So once you have nutrition sorted, then, i would start focusing on a good routine. 

Best of luck, and enjoy!

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