Statement from SOS International about H7N9

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Just got this from a friend and wanted to inform you about the H7N9. STATEMENT FROM SOS INTERNATIONAL In China, several people were infected with avian flu H7N9. This is the first time this virus has been reported in humans. The patients' symptoms were similar to those of people who have been infected with H5N1 bird flu in the past: fever and cough developing into severe or fatal respiratory problems. Right now, the disease does not seem to be easily spread from person to person. It's currently unclear how these people contracted this H7N9 virus, which usually only affects birds. It's likely that they, like the vast majority of bird flu cases worldwide, were infected via exposure to sick birds. According to some reports, the 27-year-old man from Shanghai was a butcher, and the woman in Anhui had been in contact with poultry. There is no vaccine available to protect people against the H7N9 virus. It has never been known to infect humans before. It's possible that it can spread between people. At least two family members of the 87-year-old man who died in Shanghai fell ill at the same time he did, and were diagnosed with pneumonia. One died. They were not tested for bird flu. So far, no close contacts of the infected people have been diagnosed with the virus and it does not appear to spread easily between people. More research is needed, however, as this virus is not known to have infected humans before.  Advice  There appears to be little risk for travelers and expatriates at this time. As always, when visiting a country where avian flu circulates:  *   Avoid contact with sick animals, including cats and dogs.  *   Do not go to live animal markets, poultry farms or pig farms.  *   Do not handle sick or dead birds. Prevent children from doing so.  *   Avoid touching any surfaces that may be contaminated by bird droppings. Do not swim in any body of water that is used by birds.  *   Always maintain high levels of personal hygiene. Frequent hand washing is very important. Wash hands before and after food preparation and before eating.  *   Thoroughly cook all poultry products  including eggs.   Webpage:


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Shanghai tourism: bird flu worries

I can say, I still live and I am eating chicken and I live in Shanghai! 


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Found a new article about the bird flu. 

One more bird flu death reported in Shanghai


The more important thing would be why/where he got it and how old he was. 

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