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Hi, Summer is coming and I really need a good gym, where I can do Cardio, swimming and lessons like yoga/ tai chi / qi gong.  If somebody has a good one it would be great if you recommend me yours or any gym. Thanx, Julia

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Hey, As I read a couple of stories the last week, shall we wear an anti-smog mask? Is it really necessary?  I have heard from a Dr. that people shouldn´t do sports outside!? Can somebody give me a good answer on that topic!  Thanx 

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Hey guys, I want to join a sports club, where I can play volleyball in a team.  Could anybody recommend me one. Would be great. Thank you. 

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Hi,Has anyone seen a place in Shanghai where I could get some small leg weights that are suitable for running? Basically, you wrap them around your ankles/wrists and then go for a jog; gives you a great workout. I've used them before in Oz for martial arts training, but haven't seen them here...Cheers,

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A great article I found with useful tips from Bobbi Brown-Makeup artist and how to keep your skin young. A recommended read if you are interested in how to prevent getting wrinkles and how to keep your skin healthy.   http://shine.yahoo.com/beauty/bobbi-browns-top-7-anti-aging-tips-150100050.html

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Want to stay in shape and need some inspiration? Check out the link to "Gyms & Fitness Classes"  under the "Health, Fitness and Beauty" category on our business directory.   http://shanghai.angloinfo.com/af/285/shanghai-gyms-and-fitness-classes.html

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I'm looking for a reliable hair salon in the Xuhui area; any suggestions!

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Hey, It would be great if I could see a doctor who can speak English for a health check in Shanghai. Does anyone in Shanghai or who has been to Shanghai know of any good doctors or clinics for a health check-up? Thanks, 

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