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Hello,I am an Norwegian expat moving to Shanghai in a couple of weeks, but I have big problems finding a good real estate agent that might cover most of the market downtown. Currently I´ve been looking at different ones and Im going to go for one of these two:- Smartshanghai- Townscape housingHave anyone tried one of these?

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Are you staying in Shanghai for short-term? Serviced apartment is the most cost-efficient accommodation you could have, unless you are staying with your friend's apartment. Find out about serviced apartments in Shanghai here http://shanghai.angloinfo.com/af/541/shanghai-serviced-apartments-and-short-term-accommodation.html

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I am looking for an AC system for my flat. I have found people selling them at the cornershop. Can I trust them ? If not, does anyone know any shops ? 

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Hi!  I am wanting to buy an air purifier because I keep on coughing during the night !  Does anyone know where I can get one ? Thx 

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Hi,  I have just bought a new flat and I am thinking of getting some quotes for alarm systems!  Does anyone know where I can find companies ? can anyone recommend a company ? 

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We live in Cyprus and have our large house for sale, and we are looking to advertise our property in China, we just want to advertise our property to a wide an audience as possible.   Any ideas. I have emailed quite a few estate agents in China but have had no replied. Any info would be welcome. Thanks  Lynn - Pervolia, Larnaca, Cyprus

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Hello everyone!  I have lived in Shanghai for many years now, however I am thinking of moving back to the UK.  Does anyone know any shipping companies?    Thanks 

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I am staying in Shanghai for two months. Most hotels for that amount of time are too expensive and it is really hard to find short term accommodation. Does anyone know other options?     

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I am searching for a quite place in Shanghai! I love flowers and nature. I know some parks, but often there are too many people. There must be some nice gardens in Shanghai, where you can relax... I know for now: Shanghai Botanical Garden and the Jiaotong University Park  

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Hey,  I´m wondering if somebody can give me a good advice, which company is efficient to find a flat for rent in Shanghai downtown.  Here is a list from Shanghai AngloInfo, but there are so many, I don´t want to waste my time, as there are so many and people told me its hard to find a good agency.  http://shanghai.angloinfo.com/af/577/shanghai-property-rental-and-housing-agents.html Thank you for your help! 

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My old Ayi, I had to through out, as she stole some things! I would need now a new one. I´m living Yu Yuan. Looking forward to some replys. Thanx

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