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Hi. We are planning to relocate to Shanghai and  the company I work for will look after everything including relocating our dogs. I have a big Springer Spaniel and a Jack Russell and both of them are used to long gallops through forests and along rivers. In short - they're not really collar and lead dogs. What is the dog owning culture like in Shanghai and will I be able to fing space to let them run free? Any thoughts or suggestions welcome! Thanks  

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Hi, I am moving soon to Shanghai and I want to bring my dog, a Golden retriever. I know there is a quarantaine if arriving in Shanghai and I am worried about it. I have been told there is no quarantaine if we land in Guanghzou but then domestic airlines are scary. Then I plan to land there and have a road trip to Shanghai. Does anyone have any experience about it or about Shanghai quarantaine ? Thank you  in advance for your advice.

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I'm looking for a good, English-speaking vet for my puppy. Jing'an Temple area preferred. Thanks!

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Hello, I have to leave for 2 weeks Shanghai, where can I put my dog, thank you for your advice. I normally don´t like to leave my dog somewhere, but this time I have to do it. Thank you. 

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Anyone have any advice on owning a pet in Shanghai as a foreigner living here? I am thinking about getting a dog or cat, but I am not sure which. Any suggestions?

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I'm moving and I have a tank full of fish (neon tetra, catfish and angelfish) that I can't take with me. Can I bring them to some kind of shelter or aquarium? I don't want to just dump them. Or does anyone want them? Comes with a tank, air pump and some food. I've raised them for about a year now, so hope they can go somewhere nice, I just don't know where.

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Hi,  I want to bring my dog to Shanghai but I'm not sure about the license requirements. Does he need to get special vaccinations for it? Thanks!

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