PPAR Adoptable Cat of January 2014: Mr. Tiger! / Non-profit

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Name: TigerAge: 1 year oldGender: MaleHealth: Treated for fleas and worms, vaccinated and neutered. His Story: Tiger used to live in a small store on the street. His former owner tied him and didn’t give him enough food in order to force him to catch rats. Then, the store was closed and the owner abandoned Tiger in there. Fortunately, the rescuer found him and saved him. Although Tiger has been abused and neglected in the past, he still trust people and is quite affectionate. Tiger is also a playful boy and has a little temper sometimes. For what we have observed, it seems that Tiger does not like other cats. Consequently, a family that only wants to adopt one cat would be the best choice for Tiger’s happiness. If you want to adopt a cute, handsome and playful cat, please contact us at: ppar_sh@163.com http://shanghai.angloinfo.com/classifieds/viewclassified/349109/ppar-adoptable-cat-of-january-2014-mr.-tiger-non-profit


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