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hello everyone! I'd love to go paragliding ! Is that possible in Shanghai ? Does anyone have any experiences with a club here ? 

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Hello everyone,  I would like to take my son to an animal park. Does anyone have any idea where to go ?  Kind regards,  David

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A list of motorbike and scooter sales and rend in Shanghai with English service! http://shanghai.angloinfo.com/af/468/shanghai-motorbike-and-scooter-sales-and-service.html

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Hey guys, I would love to go in a group for a bicycle tour! Its a great opportunity to meet new people and see different places of Shanghai. Have anybody been to this People's Bike Night Ride or is there another bicylce tour through Shanghai?     

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yo. anyone into skateboarding? wanna get back into it, been too long!

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Where do I find a pool to go swimming? Want to train for triathlon! Thanx

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What are some popular sports local play regularly in Shanghai? Hope to hear some good feeback on this!

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What are some parks around the city where I can exercise, bike or take walks? I live in a convenient area, but haven't had the chance to get to know the area that well. Any suggestions?

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What are some great hiking trails in Shanghai? I would like to go with some friends here and it 'd be great to get some feedback on where the best trails are. Cheers,

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What are some great spots for winter sports in Shanghai? Any thoughts appreciated!

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I've lived in Shanghai for a while, but I haven't found a place to kayak. Any recommendations?

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