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I love traveling around the world. Do you? As an expat living in China I like getting myself in new adventures – it’s always a big challenge! Indeed, discovering a new culture, and a new environment - sometimes even without knowing the local language could be quite difficult. Anyway, I still decided to search some information about: Where to go? What to visit? How to get reasonable prices about fly tickets and accommodation? I found out that without being knowledgeable of the country you want to go and it s specific culture – it s really hard to find something useful that can helps to plan my own trip. I went trough the TRAVEL-STONE team (, a travel agency for expat that organize me an unique experience. With a great team - both Expatriates and Chinese agents, who are each, dedicated finding solutions - they cached my attention since my first trip with them. For more information please directly contact:


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Is there any good place for skiing nearby Shanghai? we really want to find a place for the weekend, and don't want to flght.

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In fact, the area near Shanghai is not very cold. So in China, if you want to ski, you will have to get to Heilongjiang Province - the most northeast province in China. But during this period, the air ticket fee to there is high. So I suggest you can fly to South Korea - the ari ticket to South Korea can be cheaper than the ticket to Harbin - the capital of Heilongjaing Province.

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Hello Chris,

The nearest ski resorts from Shanghai are actually located in Beijing. But be aware that over there you wont have any snow montain, like Rocky Mountians in America. Indeed all the ski resorts in Beijing are artificial. Among all of them i can recommend you Wanlong / Genting. 

Wanlong : it takes 4 hour drive from Beijing, it brings over 1000 skiers each weekend and claims to have reached peak crowds of 3000. 

Genting :

About the natural ski resorts in China you will have to go to Heilongjiang Province, by plane.

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