Days Out: Nanshan

Splendid China Folk Culture Village
A theme park made up of two parks: a Folk Culture Village and Miniature China. Shows and small performances are available. Open from 09:00-18:00. Near to Overseas Chinese Town, Nanshan district, Shenzhen.
Window of the World
Replica park featuring world wonders, historical interest sites, scenic spots, natural landscapes, folk dwellings, world-renowned sculptures and drawings. Folklore and theatrical performances are held regularly. Open daily from 09:00-22:00.
Haide Square
Large public square featuring a long, winding covered feature called the Fish Basket Promenade. It is used as a venue for events and entertainment. Located at Coastal City, 33 Wenxin 5th Rd, Nanshan.
Happy Valley Shenzhen
A large modern amusement park, composed of nine areas with different themes. Open 09:30-22:00. OCT, Nanshan, Shenzhen.
Evergreen Resort
A scenic spot with interesting vegetation and activities for both kids and adults. Lodging and rural Chinese food are available. 1,Qingqing St., Moonbay, Nanshan, Shenzhen.
Shenzhen Bay Park
Park running from Futian mangrove park in the east to Shenzhen Bay checkpoint in the west and home to sports, entertainment and leisure. Activities include cycling, birdwatching and walking.
Sihai Park
Four Seasons park offers a variety of amenities including bathrooms, gym, fishing and boating lakes, Children’s play areas, restaurants, game tables, basketball and badminton courts and an amphitheatre. Off of Gongyuan and Liyuan Road in Shekou.
Safari Park
Zoo, botanical gardens and science park. Over 300 animal species including girafes, tigers, pandas, elephants, flamingos and more. Different animal performances are held daily. Open 08:30-18:00. East of Xili Lake, Shenzhen.