Lawyers, Law Firms & Legal Advice

Guangdong Wansheng Law Firm
Law firm, law advice, legal consultation services offered. 
Sun Law Firm
Law advice, civil claims, family law, intellectual property, arbitration, commercial law and various other services offered.
Kunlun Law Firm
Offers a wide range of legal services in Shenzhen, Sanya and Guangzhou.
High Seas Law Firm
Legal rights and interests, legal services to individuals, companies and public sectors.
Sino Star Group
Intellectual property services offered.
Guangdong Shangdun Law Firm
Services offered include criminal defense, intellectual property, labor dispute, legal counsel and more.
Guangdong Dana Law Firm
Professional legal services to domestic and foreign clients.
Guangdong Tongren Law Firm
Provides highly qualified and experienced professionals with expertise in various legal sectors.
Guangdong Chenggong Law Firm
Based in Shenzhen, the law firm offers expertise in corporate, finance, intellectual property, international trade and more.
Shenzhen Hevei Intellectual Property Law Firm
Offers expertise in intellectual property services that include patent, copyright, trademark, litigation and more.
Borsam Intellectual Property
Professional law office with patent attorney and trademark attorney.
China Law Firm, Guangdong
Legal services in trade, international disputes, investment, intellectual property, marriage and criminal law.
Guangdong Zhiming Law Firm
Law firm, specializing in international trading, maritime, financial, security, intellectual property, foreign investment, banking, real estate, tax.
Jin & Partners
Offers expertise in commercial legal practice. 
Guanghe Law Firm
Daily legal advisory services, intellectual property, dispute resolutions, international investment and various other services offered.
Jingtian Law Firm
Legal solutions offered to the commercial transactions.
Zhong Lun Law Firm
Specializes in litigation, financial services, corporate finance, commercial law, real estate and technology practice advice.
King & Wood Mallesons
Law firm specializing in foreign investment, international banking, litigation, real estate, bankruptcy and corporate restructuring.
Guangdong Baocheng Law Firm
Law information, law consulting and legal advisory services offered.
Everwin Law Office
Law firm offers a range of legal services in English, Japanese, German, Korean, Russian and other languages.
Guangdong Jinzhuoyue Law Firm
Legal advise service and participate in legal proceedings.
Lianjian Law Firm
Specializes in a wide range of legal services.
Guangdong Jindi Law Firm
Law firm offering assistance in a range of legal services.
Royal Law Firm
Legal practice offering services in employment and business law.
Guangdong New Orient Law Firm
Law firm based in Shenzhen, offers services in real estate, financial securities, civil law, criminal law and more.
Rayyin & Partners P.R.C Lawyers
Specializes in labor law, foreign investment, intellectual property and immigration planning among others.
Guangdong Rongguan Law Firm
Areas a practice include criminal defense, civil and commercial litigation and arbitration, perennial legal counsel and various other legal services.
China Business Law Services
Personal and commercial business legal services offered. 
Guangdong Guoxin Law Firm
Legal services include intellectual property, corporate, international investment and international trade among others.
China Commercial Law Co.
Legal services, capital markets, banking & finance, real estate, intellectual property, corporate and more services offered.