Shenzhen Blogs & Websites

Shenzhen Shooper
Electronic shopping guide featuring details, recommendations and reviews of stores, markets and malls.
InterNations Shenzhen Expat Guide
Online guide covering expat housing, international schools, expat healthcare, expat insurance, expat shopping, and expat institutions.
Shenzhen Travel Blog
Blog on travel, tours, and life for travelers to Shenzhen.
What’s On Shenzhen
Covering hotels, food, cafes, bars, events, exhibitions, sports, festivals, cinemas, and attractions of Shenzhen.
Shopping in Shenzhen
Online guide to shopping malls, stores, and supermarkets in Shenzhen.
Expat Blog
World-wide blog with regional sites for ex-pats living in a variety of locations, including Shenzhen.
Shenzhens social networking site, blog, featuring life and events.
Shenzhen Undercover
Experiences and guidelines to Shenzhen in cultural, social, economic and political contexts.