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Digital driver's license in Shenzhen 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving Started by: Shirley from AKJ Dental · Updated: 1560936150 · Created: 1560936150
Physical driving licenses are replaced by digital version now in Shenzhen. You can get your digital version on the Wecha
Horseback riding 0 Sport & Leisure Started by: Katherine-O'Meara-935085 · Updated: 1553368498 · Created: 1553368498
Does anyone know of good horseback riding stables in Shenzhen? Also the possibility of leasing a horse?
Cat on the bus 0 Pets & Animals Started by: ling-yang-934804 · Updated: 1552784746 · Created: 1552784746
Can I take a small cat on the bus in Shenzhen, provided that she is in a transport bag?
Changing Visa 2 Financial & Legal Started by: SarahG-163490 · Updated: 1471404887 · Created: 1431444379
I am visiting on a tourist visa that doesn't have long left on it. I wish to stay longer so what are my options? How do
Live jazz 5 Entertainment Started by: Jay-4766 · Updated: 1459694700 · Created: 1454086967
I'm here for a few weeks and would be grateful if anyone could suggest any bars/clubs which have live jazz. Thanks
Hong Kong Sevens 0 Sport & Leisure Started by: Albert-Prince-854554 · Updated: 1459360780 · Created: 1459360780
We are going to the Sevens and are struggling to find reasonably priced accommodation. Any suggestions welcome.
Contract Hire 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving Started by: Victoria-Quinn-853779 · Updated: 1459100189 · Created: 1459100189
Is it possible to Contract Hire a car for a year here? If so any recommendations of the best company to use? or am I bes
Marmite 0 Food & Drink Started by: Victoria-Quinn-853779 · Updated: 1459098870 · Created: 1459098870
Is there anywhere I can buy Marmite over here?
Quiz Nights 0 Entertainment Started by: Mardian-10057595 · Updated: 1456718800 · Created: 1456718800
Anyone know of any that are held in English regularly?
Billionaires 2 Financial & Legal Started by: Adora-10057587 · Updated: 1456718640 · Created: 1456502104
So there are more billionaires in Bejing than in New York - 5 more to be precise - I wonder how many there are in Shenze
Homeschooling 2 Families & Kids Started by: hyp7238 · Updated: 1456718514 · Created: 1450596917
Hi, I'm going to move to Shenzhen from UK the coming Feb. with three kids. They will be homeschooling. Is there any fami
Big White Rug 2 Home & Garden Started by: Mardian-10057595 · Updated: 1456718417 · Created: 1456459354
I want a big (8ft by 12ft) white shaggy rug, does anyone know where I can get one from or made to order over here?
Dragon, Tiger and Phoenix Soup 2 Food & Drink Started by: Orlando-10057594 · Updated: 1456459135 · Created: 1456187936
Is it true that this is made from cats, a friend from the UK said that it is true and the cat is not dead when they take
Puppy Training in English 3 Pets & Animals Started by: Daisy-10057589 · Updated: 1456349741 · Created: 1454386614
Does anyone know of classes that are held in English here.
UK EU Referendum 2 Non-local Started by: Wellington-10057699 · Updated: 1456349245 · Created: 1456165340
If anyone is interested and want the UK to stay in the EU, you can vote in the referendum. If you have lived outside the
Piano tuner? 2 Home & Garden Started by: Wellington-10057699 · Updated: 1455915463 · Created: 1453353841
Please can anyone recommend a piano tuner?
Hiring a Car 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving Started by: Timandra-10057593 · Updated: 1455729491 · Created: 1455729491
Are there any special requirements here on hiring a car such as age or type of licence - friends are visiting and would
Silk 1 Home & Garden Started by: Orlando-10057594 · Updated: 1455729337 · Created: 1455208495
My sister is getting married in May and I am going back to the USA for a month before the wedding so she has asked me to
If you have a business based in this region... 0 General Started by: Admin-897365 · Updated: 1455131237 · Created: 1455131237
... you can list it for FREE in the AngloINFO Shenzhen Business Directory. The Business Directory is regularly accessed
Good News for International travel 2 General Started by: Timandra-10057593 · Updated: 1454908181 · Created: 1454082811
New routes from Shenzhen to Paris, Melbourne, Seattle, Jakarta and the Maldives are coming this year, great news for me