Gold Frame With Plywood

Posted by: Will · 1641344204

Want a piece of nature in your space? This is a unique artwork that'll draw eyeballs. The thin piece of plywood was created with an exceptionally nice surface layer that reflects the beauty of nature. Most plywood are just that, there's nothing special about them. This one's different. Though not perfect, it looks just nice and natural. It goes well with the Go-Green theme. Framed in a good quality gold frame, the aesthetics just got enhanced. It can be hung anywhere - in a conference room, living room, bedroom, study, corridors, etc. It It can be used for special occasions too. Lightweight. It's unique, you won't find another exact match anywhere. Dimensions Frame: 3 feet x 2 feet x 2cm Ply: 92cm x 61cm x 4mm *Recycle today, it's almost too late to say this but I am hoping we can still reverse the tide. Read the following:

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