Barossa Furnishings - Furniture Makers, Repairers and Restorers

Excellent professional master craftsman led by David, the English wood man. Re-varnishing, polishing, change of colour, size, repair of cracks, splits, re-design antique or newer furniture or build from scratch from a design idea. Located at Woodlands.

Latest news from Barossa Furnishings

Barossa have launched a new professional furniture painting service with options of variable colours and feature accents. Rather than discarding that tired or dated piece of furniture, do ask David at Barossa for alternative ideas to remodel and update the look.

For a free quotation, simply send a photograph of the item with a brief on what youd like done either by Whatsapp to David at 96648451 or by email to [email protected]


  • Hand-Made In Singapore
  • European Managed
  • Seasoned and Kiln Dried Wood
  • Crafted by Master Cabinet Makers

David Ditcham, founder of Barossa, comments "the art of furniture making is not just in the design  but in the quality of the materials used and the construction methods adopted. At Barossa, we use tried and tested methods as practiced by both European and Asian cabinet makers to create a truly unique masterpiece. My early years in England taught me the importance of appreciating the beauty of natural hard woods and the skill of the cabinet maker in creating, what I like to term, an art form."

Barossa Furnishings have launched their 2011 Custom Furniture Specialty business with a new Fast Track service for quality hand-made Dining Tables and Dining Chairs. 

Comments David Ditcham, founder and owner of Barossa:
For many years we have been known for our furniture making in Singapore for we are a little unusual in that we manufacture locally and essentially custom make our pieces from design to our clients specification. To serve our customers better, I have decided to change the emphasis from making a substantial range of product to concentrate on our core items. 

Dining Tables and Beds are probably the two most important items of furniture that customers seek when fitting out their homes as we spend so much of our lives eating and sleeping. As such, from 2011, we are offering a fast track service for the production of Dining Tables and Dining Chairs with delivery one month from the order date. We recently acquired an additional wood-working factory, which will be dedicated to this line to achieve a much faster delivery timeline. 

At Barossa, we carry a wide range of designs and are more than happy to work on a particular design to achieve that special look.

Barossa Furnishings are a leading manufacturer and retailer of fine hand-crafted furniture, produced in our own Singapore workshops by a team of Master Cabinet Makers. Though we specialise in furniture for the bedroom and dining room, we also offer custom-made furniture for every corner of the home, including the living room and office.

We believe that quality furniture should be accompanied by beautiful accent pieces in the home. Our extensive and globally-sourced range of accessories and lifestyle products add finesse to any residence. For many years, we have carried beautiful sculptures from Zimbabwe, quality Singaporean art as well as a variety fine Asian antiques. Being a very personal business means that welcome all enquiries, working in close collaboration with our clients to design that perfect item. 

We offer a full custom furniture-making service working with European Quality top-grade Burmese Teak Wood. All of our seasoned, kiln-dried timber is carefully selected according to our own exacting, personal specifications. Our team of skilled craftsmen at our Singapore workshops are highly conversant with traditional and modern designs, - essentially, if it is wood, we can make it.

Our lead time for manufacture from order is generally around six to eight weeks, depending on the complexity of a particular piece. However, we offer a fast track four-week service where there is specific need or urgency. Once an order is confirmed, our policy is to provide our clients with a detailed drawing of the specific item, forming the blueprint our cabinet makers will follow. We are unique in that we have a master carver at our workshop who is more than willing to add personalised feature-carving to a design where requested.

At Barossa, we take the view that custom-making any furniture item should be a partnership process. As such, we work very closely with our clients throughout all stages of production. With our local manufacture, we are able not only offer the design, but also options for wood colour, finish and varnish. Once we commence with an order, sketches of each item to be made are prepared as both a record for our customers and a unique blueprint for our workshop to follow.

Regular updates are also provided on the manufacturing process. Upon completion, our team will deliver and install the item to any location in Singapore, with instructions provided on the necessary joining technique.


See pictures of an Indian dowry chest that was left outside a house in Singapore for 3 years

We offer general and specific furniture repair work including:

  • Colour Change
  • Cutdown
  • Re-varnish 
  • Repair and Alteration

Dining Tables; Dining Chairs; Benches; Sideboards; Beds; Side Tables; Dressers; Desks; Filing Cabinets; Mirrors; Lamps; Screens; Boxes

Barossa are leading retailers and wholesalers of hand-crafted Shona sculpture, imported directly from Zimbabwe. We carry a wide range of pieces including families, abstracts and animals on display at our showroom. Over the past 30 years, Zimbabwean sculptors have become highly regarded for their skills, gaining collectors around the world.

At Barossa, we work with both established names and young promising artists, producing stunning works. Our website provides information on our current stock items for sale, with a description of the size, stone and artist. Packing and export can be arranged.
All our sculptures come with a certificate of authenticity, detailing information on the artist and the stone worked in.

For those added accent touches in the home, we carry a wide range of fine local art at affordable prices, including hand-made table and floor lamps designed. From our Singapore workshop, we also offer table and wall silk runners/hangings, quality Chinese antiques and antiquities, and original teak furniture under our Heritage Line made in Singapore back in the 1950s lovingly restored at our workshops by our craftsmen.

Our Heritage range includes fine teak wood furniture lovingly restored to its original condition at our workshops. Singapore had a thriving furniture making business back in the 1950s and 60s and whilst it is becoming increasingly hard to find good items, we are able to source dining tables, chairs, writing desks, wardrobes and other home furniture, beautifully made with a high level of craftsmanship.

We carry fine original Chinese and Asian Antiques, maps of the region and artifacts to add that special accent touch.


  • On-site Consultancy
  • Packing and Shipping
  • Repairs and Alterations
  • Restoration 
  • Colour Change and Re-Varnishing
  • Teak and Hard Wood Decking
  • Sun Lounger and Chair Cushions
  • Replacement Chair Slings
  • Vessel Bunks and Bedding
  • Awnings

Located at:

#09 02, Harvest At Woodlands 
280 Woodlands Industrial Park E5, Block 2
Singapore, 757322