Feng Shui Focus

Expert Feng Shui consultations for homes and offices, pre-rental assessments and annual Feng Shui updates. Trained under Grand Master Lillian Too, Feng Shui Focus specialises in providing practical solutions for modern homes and offices.

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese science that is more than 4000 years old but very much alive in today’s modern world! Many people use Feng Shui to optimize the energy flow in their homes and/or offices to help them achieve their highest potential.

According to the Eight Aspirations formula there are eight types of luck that make up a person’s life (career, recognition, health, love, …) and by using the right element in the right place you can choose which of these areas you would like to enhance or activate.

Other formulas used are the Eight Mansions formula with which you can calculate every person’s individual good (auspicious) and bad (inauspicious) directions, and the Flying Stars formula, which is the time element of Feng Shui. The so-called Flying Stars determine the luckiest sectors of homes or offices for the current time period and allows you to adjust to take advantage of the annual (or even monthly) changes in the energies.

The most commen areas where clients ask for Feng Shui help are:

-       looking for new career opportunities

-       improving health for themselves and their family

-       increasing wealth luck.

Lucy Richardson of Feng Shui Focus is a qualified Feng Shui Consultant who graduated from Lillian Too’s Insitute of Feng Shui, Kuala Lumpur, in July 2010. A typical Feng Shui consultation starts with a visit from Lucy. She will discuss your concerns and aspirations with you and then take a number of compass readings in your home (or office). She will be able to give you a preliminary analysis and explanation of the different sectors of your home straight away (if requested) and will then send you a detailed written report shortly after, including information such as:

-       the formulas used for the analysis

-       recommendations on how to improve the energy flow

-       how to make best use of your good directions

-       how to protect yourself against afflicting energies

-       how to enhance lucky sectors.

All recommendations are personalised to your situation and requirements. Even small changes can make a BIG difference!

Lucy has received lots of positive feedback following her consultation, like this testimonial from Mrs P Müller:

“ … Lucy’s consultation was very extensive and she made a lot of suggestions on changes we could make in order to transform the apartment into an oasis for all family members. Some of the suggestions I was able to realize immediately and low and behold, it did not take long until we could see the effects! I am now convinced that you can achieve a lot by using the right colours in the right places or that you can optimize the energy flow by placing certain objects, materials or plants in the right location. Meanwhile, my husband and children now also believe in the power of Feng Shui.

Lucy continues to give us valuable advice when needed. Thank you, dear Lucy, for all your efforts and continued support.”

To find out how Feng Shui can help you please go to www.fengshuifocus.com.sg or email Lucy at: [email protected]