Light Forge(LF)-Engrave, Print & Mark Objects & Raw Materials


Items worked on, can be your own or supplied by LF. Welcomes single, small or large orders. Works on glass, plastics, woods, metals, leather & others. Great for personalisation, gifts, event use, awards, trophies, plaques, home & office deco etc. 

LF serve customers from all walks and scale - private individuals, clubs & societies, event companies, corporates, retail, industrial, government bodies, military etc. LF counts MNCs, banks, government bodies, military and many well known brand names among it's users and customers.

LF's core service is that of (1) printing and (2) engraving:

(1) Printing includes

  • paper printing for a variety of uses such as posters, booklets etc,
  • printing tshirts, printing onto gifts and souvenirs,
  • printing onto objects for personalisation, branding or as premiums,
  • printing for signages, badges, tags and panels

(2) Engraving encompasses

  • etching,
  • sandblasting,
  • routing,
  • marking
  • etc onto various materials and objects

You can bring your own item or material to be worked on, or use LF supplied items. For larger orders, LF can also source the item or material.

LF also provides laser cutting services, epoxy bubble coating, metal plating and graphic editing services.

Examples (not exhaustive list) of uses:

  • Individual gift by personalising things such as jigsaw puzzles, cushion, pens, mugs, wine glasses, bottles of wine, perfume bottles, picture frames etc
  • Corporate gifts & premiums and wedding favors by marking onto items such as keychains, thumbdrives, power banks, flowers, chop sticks and other tokens etc
  • Branding such as marking on notebooks, making brand tags etc
  • Event coffee dusting stencils, spray paint stencils, tattoo stencils,
  • Device control panel, tags and enclosure
  • Awards, plaques and trophies
  • Signs & tags
  • Newspaper plaques
  • Security and identification such as frosting lens to disable camera and permanent property marking.
  • Framing, boxing etc for display in retail or home & office decoration
  • Prototyping
  • Tshirt and other fabric product printing
  • Graphic art services
  • Cosplay, film or performance props and custom parts
  • Retail use such as staff badges, retail display etc
  • DIY or craft enthusiasts support by production of parts or other items such acrylic stamps 

& much more ... check LF out, give LF a call about your needs.

Please visit LF's website to view some samples of LF's work.

LF is located at Ubi Ave 2 Block 3021 #04-171 S408897 (by appointment, please). 
Tel: +65 6741 4288. 
Email: [email protected]