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Orthoptic Vision Therapy, highly effective non-surgical specialised treatment for functional vision disorders associated with headaches, migraine, eye strain, lazy eye, strabismus (crossed eyes), blurred vision, sports vision and learning difficulties.

Is poor eyesight holding back your childs education?

Zoran Pejic can help!
Currently researching his PhD thesis, Zorans areas of expertise are Orthoptics and special education vision deficiency. Working at the Singapore National Eye centre, he pioneered a non-surgical treatment method for certain forms of strabismus (squint) and has published a number of articles in leading medical journals. Zoran is the founding president of the Asia Pacific Orthoptic Association and is also a management committee member of the International Orthoptic Association.

At Orthovision, we are a group of independent professional eye-care practitioners. Our range of services can address a variety of your needs:

  • Educational – We maintain a network of links with major learning centers 
  • Medical – We also connect with medical practitioners if a patients require further specialist care
  • Psychological – We offer in-house counselling services, and can also recommend other therapists
  • Special needs support including art therapy, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy. We can also refer you to other specialist centres

We also run a number of talks and workshops.


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