The Audiology Clinic- Sound Hearing @ 91 Tanglin Road


Hearing brings us closer. Get a full diagnostic hearing test and management with an Audiologist, including auditory processing testing, tinnitus management, solutions for hearing loss like hearing aids and FM systems for children (3 years+) and adults.

The Audiology Clinic provides professional hearing services for adults and children with auditory processing issues and hearing loss. Hearing loss can isolate people from loved ones and communities. The clinic aims to provide solutions to hearing loss that will re-connect people. 

Ms. Aditi Chakravarti is the Clinical Audiologist. She is highly qualified with a Masters in Audiology & Speech Language Pathology from All India Institute of Speech and Hearing, University of Mysore.

Aditi has worked with children, adults and the elderly population with hearing loss. She has key interests in the areas of auditory training for individuals with hearing aids & cochlear implants, and auditory processing assessment and management. 

How is your hearing?

Try doing the online self-assessment on their website under How is your hearing

It is amazing the difference enhanced hearing can make to those that have lost their hearing. Children, and even elderly people in many cases, are unaware of the problem, and it’s often those around them who realise it first. 

#04-05, Tanglin Place
91 Tanglin Road
Singapore 247918