Tax Course Singapore - Taxation Course in Singapore

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We are conducting Corporate Tax Course Singapore to introduce you or strengthen your knowledge of taxation for Singapore companies. Sign up for our Taxation Course in Singapore. We are going to train you for the Singapore Corporate Tax Basic Course and the next level, which is the Intermediate Course. 

Specifically, ensuring participants acquire sufficient knowledge of Singapore corporate tax system and develop a deep understanding of taxability of various sources of revenue and more importantly the treatment of operation expenses in the eyes of tax.

you will learn -

Introduction to Corporate Tax

Introduction to Entire/ Part of tax exemption schemes.

Common errors found when collecting reduction for company’s income.

The types of tax deductible expenses, deduction of medical cost and expenses incurred before business commencement.

What are the demands and gains for record keeping?

Tax filing obligations for Singapore companies.

What are the documents essential to prepare for tax filing?

Definition and purposes of Form C-S

The beneficial of Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC)

Define Capital Allowance

Tips on Refurbishment works or Section 14Q Deduction for Expenditure Incurred on Renovation.

Unused capital allowance and losses to carry forward to offset future business profits.

Understanding income tax computation for trading company.