the iOMEGA Writer cum disk BUNDLE

Posted by: Will · 1641364021

$100 for fast deal. All you see for $100 Here's a gift that demonstrates effort and will never be forgotten. This is a complete duplication set - the iOMEGA Writer cum disk BUNDLE. $100 for everything you see in the picture. All brand new. This will soon be a valuable collection of the past. In a not-so-distant future, some younger generationer will stare at your prominently displayed collection and wonder what the disks are for and what the strange working machine was created to do. There's the chance for you to tell a story. That's where the conversation gets interesting, even valuable - like you're unveiling some mystical past to a bewildered mind. You're helping to connect the future to the past. Disks and disk writers will soon be a thing of the past but just like the "black vinyl records" and gramophone, or floppy disks, they soon increase in historical and commercial value because they reflect a reality of the past. The amazing thing is you'll still be able to create copies the older way. Creating extra backups of your precious memories or data is still necessary. Cloud storage can get wiped, USB can malfunction, even HDD can fail within a blink of an eye. Get it now before it becomes unaffordable. - Cash n Carry (Pasir Ris MRT) - Sold as is - Pickup in Pasir Ris All unused and in working condition. Price firm.