Capello Loft Hair & Beauty Spa - for Men & Women

Chic salon with hairdressers that specialise in Caucasian and Asian haircuts and styling. Stylists advise on hair colour, highlights and treatments using a full range of Redken hair products. Now at a new location!100 Orchard Road, 01-07 Concorde Hotel, Singapore 238840.

Capello Loft is a chic salon specialising in both Caucasian and Asian haircuts and styling. Their highly experienced stylists bring a depth of experience from their years in the industry, advising you on just the right hair colour and treatments using a full range of Redken hair products.

Step into Capello Loft Hair & Beauty Spa and indulge yourself with a decidedly different hairstyling experience - one that is, at the same time, highly professional yet relaxed, friendly and personal. 

Led by industry veterans Patrick Low and Doris Thum, each with experience of almost 30 years, Capello Loft knows exactly what makes the cut with customers: be it the comfortable and relaxing salon atmosphere or the friendly, communicative team of creative stylists.
Always receptive to innovation, Capello Loft experiments with innovative concepts, finding fresh ways to anticipate and serve customers needs. 

Offering the highest standards of professional hair consultation and services, customers can leave their worldly worries at the door and step into a haven of relaxation befitting their image and lifestyle.

Redken provides an intense, customised treatment for any and all hair needs, whether moisture, colour protection, strength, softness, control or anti-frizz. Whatever your hair needs, Capello Loft will choose the best treatment for you.

Blonde Idol

No two blondes are alike so Redken offer customizable hair-care products for natural blondes and blonde color-treated hair to bring out the best in every blondes.

Blonde Idol with the Kera-Bright System balances, brightens and beautifies to keep your blonde hair brilliant and idol-worthy.

OLAPLEX - The most revolutionary product.

It's a bond multiplier which is unlike any other product on the market. This actually links broken disulfide bonds in the hair allowing you to restore the strength, structure and integrity of the hair before, during and after services. It is not a conditioner in anyway whatsoever as it does not coat the hair in silicone. It is also not a protein as that coats the hair.

With Olaplex you can do as much bleaching and coloring as you want without the worry of damaging your hair.

*For first time customers only. For one-time redemption only.