Compulsory A/C Servicing for Tenancy Agreement in Singapore

Did you know that your security deposit may be forfeited if you forget to service your air conditioning systems or if you cannot provide proof of servicing? Aircon Gugu can help!

Tenancy agreements (legally binding contracts) in Singapore usually states that you need to service your air conditioning systems regularly and to provide proof, when your landlord asks for it, otherwise you may have your security deposit forfeited, among other penalties.

Hence, we set up Aircon Guru to free you from this inconvenience, burden and potential monetary loss.

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Our Services include:

  1. Online Booking of Air Conditioning Servicing,
  2. Secure Online Payment,
  3. Online records of receipts and bookings,
  4. Reminders when Next Servicing is due,
  5. Planting a tree for each servicing booked.

We provide standard servicing, chemical wash and chemical overhaul, up to 15 units* (for residential properties) for practically every brand available in Singapore.

*units include wall mounted and ceiling mounted cassette.

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Questions? More units? Brand not listed? Commercial Properties? Need a quote?

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