Counselling: A Map for Emotional Wellbeing - Mala Khare

Australian qualified counsellor experienced with expatriates; university lecturer (Psychology) counsels for a range of issues including interpersonal relationships, depression, anxiety and personal growth. Phone counselling available. Regus One Fullerton

Counselling: A Map for Emotional Wellbeing

Much disappointment results from either our attempts at living by others’ expectations or hoping that they must live up to ours

Emotional wellbeing refers to more than the mere absence of depression, anxiety or other diagnosable psychological disorders. Rather it is the presence of qualities that allow us to create for ourselves the best possible life.

Psychological counselling is an avenue to learn to regulate our emotions and dysfunctional thoughts to bring positive changes. However, it takes much courage to address personal problems and painful personal stories. 

About The Counsellor

Mala Khare

Masters in Psychology

Masters in Counselling (Australia) 

My family relocated to Singapore in 2002 and my journey began with walking alongside people in need of a helping hand. In addition to my practice, I also teach undergraduate courses in psychology and counselling at different teaching institutes such as University of Wollongong (SIM Global).

Counselling can help if you experience the following:

  • Difficulty finding or staying in fulfilling relationships 
  • Frequent arguing and conflicts with your partner or family 
  • Depression/Loneliness including Feelings of purposelessness, Procrastination, Indecisiveness, Perfectionism
  • Anxiety, excessive worrying, stress  
  • Anger
  • Low self-esteem/confidence …….

I offer:

Individual Counselling

Marriage Counselling

I provide tools to communicate better, negotiate changes, resolve conflicts and even argue in a healthier way. Can be very helpful even if your partner does not want to come.

Family Counselling

I help family members improve communication and resolve conflicts

Does counselling work?

Research has shown that counselling can help understand and correct issues that are causing pain and stress in one’s life. However, its benefits are strongly dependent on the willingness of the participants. People who are motivated and willing to work through these sessions benefit the most.

How many sessions do I need? How long are they?

That depends on what issues you’d like to work on, their complexity, and how entrenched they are in your way of life. Each session is 1 hour. Many people start with 2-6 sessions, but we can decide together how few or how many sessions you will need to address your concerns.

Can counselling help me change my parents, my boss, my children.....?

No and Yes. 

No, because as articulated well by Eckhart Tolle, "The world can only change from within."

Yes, because when we change our reaction to others, they automatically change their behaviours.

Counselling sessions are available in person or remotely via Facetime/phone

@1 Fullerton Road, #02-01 One Fullerton, Singapore 049213

+65 9145 8430

You may contact me @ or text to Schedule a 20 minute free phone consultation to determine how best to proceed.