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 Find out about the different holistic and alternative therapies used in the Inner Dynamics practice written by Angloinfo editor Mo Lawson.

In a peaceful treatment room on the first floor of a Peranakan shophouse, I am holding several packets of minerals in my right hand. With my other hand, I am keeping two fingers clenched together. The boxes are matchbox-sized and rattle with mineral tablets. A practitioner tests the strength of my clenched fingers, easily pulling them apart. She gets me to hold different variations of minerals, all the time trying my clenched fingers to test their strength, until eventually a good balance is clearly achieved in my right hand, because the fingers of my left cannot be parted.

Practitioner Antoinette Biehlmeier is giving me a Nutripuncture treatment, using nutrients composed of tiny doses of trace minerals. Each nutrient nourishes a vital organ and its meridian. When the nutrients are combined in specific ways, the resulting information helps restore the optimal functioning of our body’s systems – to reset a person’s spiritual and physical balance.

Nutripuncture is one of three alternative therapies that Antoinette carries out in her shophouse clinic in a quiet backroad behind Singapore’s City Square Mall. Ailments are broad-ranging, from bad backs to stress and depression, and clients can also see her for Life Coaching and for Past Life Regression therapy, a technique that looks at a client’s past history, and how it affects their present-day life.

Antoinette, who has lived in Singapore since 2001, developed an interest in alternative therapies through a long-standing curiosity for natural approaches to her own healthcare.

‘I was banker, and I discovered homeopathy when my son was born 19 years ago; I was amazed at the changes that took place within this little baby who had no clue what he was taking. From there I did training in homeopathy and colour puncture, cranio-sacral therapy and lymph drainage. I tried all sorts of things.

‘Then there was a time when I was miserable with my life, frustrated and dissatisfied, so I joined a meditation group, and the leader said something to me that I didn’t like. He said: “Stop complaining because everything that’s happening in your life is your responsibility.”

‘I didn’t want to hear this, because it meant that I was responsible for all the rubbish that I perceived was going on in my life. But I persevered with the meditating that I had just begun and I also read a book called The Journey of Souls by Dr Michael Newton, and I began to see things from a different perspective. From here I developed an interest in hypnotherapy and then Past Life Regression, and then all the different therapies came together to bring me here.

‘The beauty of Nutripuncture,’ explains Antoinette, ‘is that not only does it work on a  physical level but also on an emotional and mental level – I help clients to become aware of the specific dynamic that they are trapped in with others.’

Antoinette had started our session by asking me to discuss whatever was on my mind, and I had come up with two minor family issues (that I hadn’t in fact been aware of until she asked me). Now the boxes are reorganized, and I’m obviously holding a set of minerals that have just the right balance, and I’ve tasted them too, and finally she sits back smiling and asks me again: ‘Tell me what’s bothering you,’ and it’s most odd because I find I have nothing to say. In a strange turn of events, the things that were on my mind are suddenly non-issues, and I feel relaxed and at peace. In fact, not so strange to Antoinette, who is nodding and smiling, clearly thrilled with the positive result.

‘I would say 95 per cent of physical issues are related to an emotional imbalance or stress. A client comes in with a challenge and we discuss this with regards to their current life situation first, and then go further back in time to find the root cause. We might choose to explore how a past life has exactly the same pattern as a current life. It’s down to the therapist to ask questions in such a way that the client starts to realise the patterns of the past. What has been missing in the past is the same thing that is lacking in the current life.

‘Happiness and inner balance depend on the right mindset and the openness to look within. The individual programmes I design for my clients include self-observations, self-reflections and exercises (not necessarily physical) that help shift perspectives towards a more authentic self.

‘Most of my work comes from referrals but people also find me by online searches for past life regression. This concept is still a bit strange for Westerners; many of my clients are already familiar with it as it is part of their culture. To me as a practitioner the actual facts and the story of a past life aren’t what matters in a session. For me what matters is that clients are able to get in touch with a neglected part of themselves, see a different perspective, find insights that help them gain clarity and answers to their current life situation.

‘Ideally clients are open to the way the session unfolds, that way I can help them the most. Leaving expectations about yourself and the outcome at the door can be immensely freeing for the outcome of the session. See it as spending time with yourself to get to know yourself better.

‘I am passionate about uncovering blocks to live a more authentic, fulfilling life at a level that clients might think was impossible. Your biggest fear is your biggest opportunity.’

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Written by  M Lawson