Feature: Finding an Art Class

Looking for an art class? You might want to ask yourself a few things before launching yourself at the listings

In a city where out-of-school enrichment classes are as much a part of the day as regular lessons, it’s refreshing to know that it’s not all maths and science, but do some groundwork before booking yourself in for the next Picasso olympics

• What equipment do I need to bring?
Most places include equipment, but unless it says so on the website always ask first. If you do need to bring things they will more than likely be a set of brushes and paints of your choice, plus apron or old clothes and a carrying folder or portfolio.

• Am I choosing the right age group for my child? Or even for me?
Kids’ art classes are usually split into age ranges, and detailed on the websites. Most places will outline a breakdown of what you can expect per age group. In terms of your own personal choice, a senior watercolour class might be less suitable for younger artists; while if you've found an exciting sounding steel sculpture workshop, you should probably be prepared for some physical effort! The best rule of thumb? Read between the lines before you sign.

• Do the lessons follow a curriculum?
Some art schools are affiliated with a company, but not many, and in most cases you'll find that each place has its own learning ethos. Give the organisers a call to talk things through.

• What are the class sizes?
This is a question that’s not always transparent, and it's a good one. You don’t want to be sharing easel space with your neighbours’ elbow. At the same time, a very small class of three might not be what you're looking for.

• Is there an area for storing artwork?
Perhaps, but most places will probably ask you to take work home at the end of each class so, it’s worth investing in a portfolio to keep creations safe.

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