Feature: Fitting Out Your Singapore Kitchen

Singapore has many quirks that make it different from living anywhere else. One of them is how you decide to use your kitchen.

Kitchen fundamentals

There’s a range of housing in Singapore and it’s not uncommon to find a kitchen with no oven, worth bearing in mind if you need new appliances. Another aspect in deciding what to buy for your Singapore kitchen is whether you plan to employ a helper. If you do they may be more used to using appliances like a rice cooker than a Thermomix. Surface space is another factor to consider. Many kitchens are short on space so you’ll have less room for appliances.

The heat

It is continually hot in Singapore so you may find you change your eating habits to suit the environment. A salad is often more appealing than a roast dinner if the roast involves spending an hour in a sweltering kitchen with no air con.

Cooking at home

If you don’t have an oven you could invest in a Thermomix, a German appliance that has become popular in many parts of the world because it can easily cook an entire meal in one device. If you can’t handle the investment of SG$2,000++, there are a few key pieces of equipment that you could do with:

  • Rice is a staple dish in Singapore and you’ll find a huge range of rice cookers to suit any budget
  • If you don’t have a blender or a food processor, then a hand-held blender can perform miracles, and the little wizards take up hardly any space
  • This one is a splash-out, but worth asking a landlord for a fridge with an ice dispenser. In this heat there’s nothing quite like pressing the cup under the tap and getting an instant touch of frost.

Eating out

Singapore is known as a place where everyone eats out, all the time. You can eat cheaply and well, and many Singaporeans will eat most of their meals out every day. So you may decide to use your time here exploring new foods or eating at the hundreds of restaurants that dot the island. One thing’s for sure, you won't go hungry!

Review written by Victoria Milner from www.singaporefoodie.com