Feature: Get Your House as Pest-Free as Possible

Best ways to rid your house and home of vermin and pests. From getting a cat to buying dryer sheets, be sure your home is nip-free

FLEA FUN – got a pet who can’t stand a collar? Regular combing through dog and cat hair can help weasel out those critters. Prepare a bowl of water and dip the flea-filled comb so the nasties drown in the water. Cruel but, well, they’re fleas (and your pet will look great!).

MOUSEPROOF THE HOUSE – plenty of poison-free products are around that can help deter mice, from cloves and peppermint oil, to aluminium foil in the cracks and dryer sheets in your cupboards (yes really). Be practical and careful, close up all obvious holes and seal food containers and packets.

GET A CAT – yes, you’ll need to like them, because a cat-hater really shouldn’t be owning one. Cats are easy lodgers and require very little (no daily walks, no endless cuddles, though a cuddly one might want the latter), and they love mice. Win win. Expect the odd dead mouse gift: say thank you and encourage them to leave the prizes outside.

BEFRIEND A GECKO – these house lizards love a light snack, especially mosquito flavoured ones. Geckos aren’t a huge nuisance. They may be chatty, sometimes leave little faecal gifts behind and might surprise you in the kitchen if the light suddenly goes on. But without them your home would be full of a far less welcome creature.

AVOID MOSSIE NIPS – the following procedures should be taken to avoid bites:

  • Fit screens to windows and doors in all rooms if you can
  • The Aedes mosquito is most active just after dawn and at twilight, so cover up during these times
  • Wear white or light clothes – mossies love dark colour
  • Use repellents that contain 20-30% DEET
  • Lemongrass and citronella oil are known natural repellents, so look for anti-mossie products containing these.

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