Feature: Getting Ready for a Cookery Class

Fancy yourself as the next MasterChef or want to learn how to bake the best cakes? Whatever your culinary educational needs, wise up before you sign up


There’s a big difference between wanting to emulate Gordon Ramsay and looking for a free lunch. Whether you’re after a practical workshop or a demo session, look at all the details before you commit and find the one that best suits your needs, whether it’s baking, canapes, family dinners or gourmet gluten-free treats.


Try not to cook hungry ­– eat a light snack before so you won’t be rushing to the finish-and-sample bit of the day.

Work out the logistics – are you going straight home? Have you arranged another event directly after making a blancmange that needs refrigerating? Get that food home and on the plates, or in the fridge.


Self-publicity: be clear, be concise and be truthful. Make the fun bit of your description roughly a quarter of the total length, and the rest can be useful detail that helps a potential client decide.

Laminate your instructions – no one wants soggy notes.

Sounds obvious but check you have all your ingredients and utensils, plus spare - and Tupperware pots to take home.

Give everyone a name badge so you can call out to them quickly if you need to, and give the class harmony and solidarity.

Film bits of the class (with agreement beforehand) – those video snippets will look great on your website.

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