Feature: Nutritionists & Detoxification

Moving countries is a great opportunity to look at our health and nutrition with new eyes. The unique environment in Singapore, with its heat and humidity, might also mean we experience a change in our nutritional requirements

In Singapore we’re blessed with a multitude of imported foods to boost our nutrition but sometimes further help is needed. After a move here, the change in environment affects people in different ways. Some of us might feel lethargy and exhaustion from the constant humidity. Children in particular can suffer from the weather change or from resulting food related allergies that may kick off after such a big move.

Call in the professionals

Seeking help from qualified practitioners is key to identifying any potential nutritional problems and also for ensuring you feel the best you can. 

Spring clean

On the other end of the spectrum life in Singapore may also bring on the need for a detox or cleanse to kick start a diet or a change in approach to eating. Reasons for a detox vary but often it’s just a case of feeling sluggish and bloated and needing to feel ‘clean’ after a period of over indulging. 

A detox can come in various forms but one of the most popular in recent times in Singapore has been juice cleansing. Whilst the evidence to support a detox via juice cleansing isn’t conclusive (after all, the body naturally detoxes itself automatically), a short cleanse might just be the kickstart you’re looking for.

Online support

Whether you’re after a nutritionist or a detox, the important thing is to find the right balance for you. The Facebook forum Nutritional and Natural Health in Singapore is a closed group that offers the opportunity to post questions as well as view informative content. 

Dining out

You’ll find an increasing number of restaurants and cafes around the island that specialise in healthy food. Places like Afterglow in Keong Saik Road and The Living Cafe on Bukit Timah Road are two that offer vegan menus among other healthy choices. 

To find a full list of nutritionist and detoxification providers, CLICK HERE

This article was written by Victoria Milner from Singapore Foodie