Feature: Online Grocery Shopping in Singapore

For those who like to shop from the comfort of home, Singapore offers a huge variety of online retailers. Just make sure to choose your online store wisely so you end up with the right goods at the right time. 

Choose a reputable company

When you buy online you might get that niggling uncertainty when you press the ‘Pay Now’ button that perhaps your goods will never turn up. Buying from a well-known brand is usually a good indicator that you’ll get what you’re signing up for. Be sure to make a note of the contact details just in case. 

Do a price comparison

An increasing number of stores offer online shopping and delivery. It’s worth a little bit of your time to do a price comparison, though. Costs can vary significantly across the major supermarkets, especially in Singapore. 

Delivery timing

On-time delivery is key to a successful online ordering experience. Take into account that different online stores offer different options, for example Redmart offers two-hour slots, whereas Cold Storage only has four-hour slots. Bear in mind that sometimes unforseen circumstances may lead to a diversion from these times (bad weather is often the cause of this). Keep your phone handy in case you get a call or SMS to notify you of any changes.

Look out for delivery costs

You can make big savings by shopping carefully, for example Redmart doesn’t charge delivery for orders over $30, whereas Cold Storage charges regardless of what you spend. 


When ordering online, most stores will give you the option of accepting substitutions or requesting a call to notify you if a product can't be supplied. Make sure you get what you need by selecting the option that suits you best.

Check the bags

There’s nothing more frustrating than the delivery guy running off before you’ve had a chance to properly check that your order has been correctly fulfilled. Take your time and check each item off the invoice before that bike vanishes in a squeal of tires. 

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This article was written by Victoria Milner from Singapore Foodie