Feature: Performing arts – not just drama and dancing

When someone mentions they studied ‘performing arts’ what does it mean? There are the usual dramatic skills involved, but a whole lot more besides.

In fact, ‘performing arts’ involves anything that is carried out for the benefit of an audience. Students undertaking a performing arts course could go on to be dancers, actors, playwrites, or take a more general role in the media; and not just the media, either.


A well-rounded performing arts course will teach you techniques in acting and public speaking as well as how to position yourself on stage, breathe, walk with confidence and be comfortable in amongst people, and all those transferrable skills can give you routes into many other avenues.


What will you do with yours?

A performing arts course can be useful for several careers other than acting

• Teaching – gain confidence by learning about stage and speech techniques, or learn to teach drama itself, if you fancy passing on your skills to others.

• Business – think of the stage skills you would learn: how to talk to people, how to get your point across, how to speak out bravely – then apply it to a company setting.

• Volunteering – drama is all about working with other people, as is voluntary work

• Writing – you will have spent so long reading other people’s works that there’s a high chance you’ll want to write your own.


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