Feature: Safeguarding Tips For Your Phone

Remember your own phone number? Then make sure you keep it to yourself, especially if you travel the globe.

Most of us don’t think twice about the individual mobile number that drives the entire function of our phones. With instant access to our phone address book, favourites and Siri/SamsungVoice we have few chances to key in an actual number. However, these eight or more digits uniquely identify us and have a special and personal relationship with us.


Country code plus personal number is the only coding system in the world that can identify each and every user, and the mobile penetration rate is growing, especially in developing countries. Many transactions are performed using only a mobile number as an authentication mechanism. In India, payment and money transfers can be completed entirely through mobile numbers because bank accounts are not as widely adopted as mobile phones. The relationship with our personal number is only set to deepen.


Follow these tips to safeguard your number:


1 Don’t write your number in public forums, including social media comments; they are stored and displayed permanently. Trying to delete one from the Internet will cost you more than getting a new temporary number!


2 Do take care when travelling abroad. If you need to give your passport copy and personal mobile number, ask why. If it’s just as an emergency contact, use your partner’s number if possible. The link between their number and your name is less easily identifiable.


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This article was written by Antony Ma, the CEO of PowerData2Go, a mobile telephony company providing global data and voice roaming solutions to frequent travellers.

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