Fernhill Psychology, Counselling & Psychotherapy

Professional, qualified, international group of psychologists and counsellors from NZ, Oz, Singapore, India, Sth Africa, Europe, UK, and USA. Therapy for Individuals, couples and children in a beautiful, discrete, park location. Caring and committed approach. 

Fernhill Psychology and Counselling has been providing confidential counselling and mental health services to the expatriate and local community in Singapore since 2003.   We are located in Wessex Estate, an old black and white area and former military estate, near Tanglin Trust School and One North MRT

Fernhill’s psychologists and counsellors, use a wide variety of therapeutic approaches.  Therapy is individually tailored for people across their life span from children to adults as couples, families or groups. 

Some of the approaches used are Emotion Focused, EFT Schema, EMDR, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), mindfulness, relaxation training, humanistic, existential, Gottman Couple Therapy, psycho-dynamics and other approaches.

We can provide counselling in English, French, Polish, Russian, Hindi and Bengali.


Fernhill works with clients to offer support for many different issues including:

  • Expat adjustment and pressures related to expatriate life.
  • Marital and family relationship issues.
  • Assessment and therapy for children and teenagers including parenting and behavioural management.
  • Post-natal and pre-natal problems.
  • Assessment and therapy for psychological disorders including; Depression,  Anxiety, Schizophrenia, OCD, ADHD and personality disorders.
  • Career progression, planning and coaching.
  • Treatment for problem behaviours or addictions such as smoking.
  • Assessments and reports for court.
  • Confidence and communication issues.
  • Stress, anger management and relaxation training.
  • Impact of accident and trauma and critical incident stress debriefing.
  • Sleep and eating disorders.
  • Chronic pain management.
  • Conflict resolution and mediation services for clients and organisations.
  • Lectures, Training and Clinical Supervision.
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Our clinical practice is guided by the Code of Ethics and Ethical Guidelines of the Australia Psychological Society (APS) and the British Psychological Society (BPS).

Crisis, Trauma and

We can provide some emergency weekend and after hours appointments.

Phone consultation and home visits can be made for some emergencies, particularly post-natal problems.  

Contact: 96234461

Address and Directions:

Block 27 (Pegu) Woking Rd

Wessex Estate,

Singapore 138705.


Fernhill is in Wessex Estate, near to Tanglin Trust School, One North MRT and the Portsdown/Normanton exit on the AYE. Bus 191, stop B06.


Our Clinical Staff


Beata Sabala  (Poland/Australia/NZ): Counsellor and OTMA (Counselling), DipDegree Speech Path, MOTPrac. OT
Counselling in English, Polish and  Russian (but Russian a bit out of practice)
Specialising in; CBT, Gottman Couple Therapy, EFT and Mindfulness.
Individuals, couples and groups.  Adults and teenagers.


Patricia Evans (UK/Singapore): Counsellor and CoachMA (Counselling), BA Hons, PG Cert Coaching
Specialising in; Gottman Couple Therapy; Emotional Focused Couples Therapy; CBT and Schema therapy
Individuals and couples.  Adults and Teenagers.


Lilian Ing (UK/South Africa/Singapore): Clinical Psychologist.  BA Hons (Psychology), MA (Clinical Psychology), Pg Dip Adoption & Attachment, SFBT, SF Coaching, Certified Coach.  Clinical assessment and therapy.  Specialising in; grief, trauma, depression, anxiety and ADHD. Works with Children, Teenagers, Adults, Couples and Families. 

Dan Martin (US/Australia/Singapore) Clinical Psychologist.  BS Psych, MS Psych (Clinical), Registered Psychologist (Australia)Clinical assessment and therapy.  Specialising in; alcohol and substance abuse, mood disorders, career planning.  Works with Children, Teens, Adults Couples and Families. 


Jillian Bromley (Australia/UK): Director/Counsellor/Psychology Lecturer
Director, BA, DipAppPsych, RN, RPN.
General counselling
, individuals and couples - all issues.
Mediation for couple, family and workplace issues.
Can provide some emergency weekend and after hours appointments.
Home visits for some emergencies, particularly post-natal problems. 


Rachel Dasler(New Zealand/UK/Singapore) MA Counselling, MA Social Work (Applied) Hons, BA Social Policy.

Specialising in; anxiety, stress, expat adjustment, parenting. 


Muriel Bauer (France/UK): Psychotherapist and Life Coach, MA, Dipl. Psych., member UKCP, BACP, BACP Coaching
Counselling in French and English
General counselling - all issues, Gottman Couple Therapy
Individuals and couples.  Adults and teenagers

Oksana Okhrimenko (Clinical Associate): (Ukraine/Switzerland/Singapore): Counsellor, Coach.MGC, BA (Psych), MS, BS
Counselling in English and Russian.

Bob Gambrill (Australia/Dubai/Singapore) Clinical Psychologist.  M Psych, BA, Dip Teach, Registered Psychologist (Australia).  Clinical assessment and therapy.  Specialising in; chronic pain, obesity, obsessive compulsive disorders.


Dr Amita Sarkar (Clinical Associate) (India/UK): Clinical psychologist.
Consultant Clinical Psychologist, M.A, M.Phil, Doctorate in Clinical Psychology
Psychological assessment and treatment - all issues.
Individuals, couples, families and groups. Children and adults.
Parenting classes, forensic assessments and court reports



$180 to $220 per hour for clinical psychologist

$150 to $180 per hour for counsellors and psychotherapists


Fees may vary in cases of financial difficulty and for couples and family therapy


Fernhill staff also provide lectures, talks, and workshops

Talks and Workshops:

  • Child Behaviour and Parenting Skills
  • Post-natal issues: sleep, anxiety and depression
  • Critical Incident (trauma) Debriefing
  • Stress Management and Relaxation Training
  • Managing Workplace Stress
  • Communication Skills for Couples, Individuals and Workplace
  • Communication: Assertion and Anger (Non Violent Communication)
  • Ageing:Living with Memory Loss
  • Pre-marriage Communication and Values 


Monday to Thursday  09:00-20:00 Friday 09:00- 19:00 Saturday by appointment only.

PAYMENT TYPES ACCEPTED: Cash, Cheque, Nets, Direct Deposit

LANGUAGES: English, French, Polish, Russian, Hindi, Bengali