Integrated International School - IIS

Boutique school offering personalised and inclusive learning in the form of 2 educational approaches (mainstream and support stream) and catering to every students learning style. The approach allows classes to foster individual and collective strength

The Integrated International School (IIS) is a boutique school, offering intimate classrooms along with enviable student-to-teacher ratios (1:6) and unique niche programmes to students in Primary, Middle and High School. Our learner-centred approach to teaching allows us to customise our classes to foster the individual and collective strengths of our students, no matter what their skill level.

Our boutique school is unique in its ability to offer personalised and inclusive learning through two educational approaches  - mainstream and support stream - which cater successfully to every student’s learning style. We believe that in addition to a vigorous academic programme, children require a “core socio-emotional curriculum” in order to become fulfilled and conscientious members of society.

General Details:
Integrated International School
41 Sunset Way, #01-01 Clementi Arcade,
Singapore 597071
Phone Number: (65) 6466-4475 or (65) 6235-9602

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