Just Anthony - Chinese Antique Furniture

Largest and widest selection for genuine Chinese Antique Pieces, Classic and Modern Reproductions, Wooden Carvings, Accessories, Stone Statues, Hand-painted Silk Wall Coverings. Makes excellent Custom-Made Furniture. Visit them at 379 Upp Paya Lebar Rd.

Established in the 1970s, Just Anthony specialises in Chinese antique furniture, classic reproductions, wooden carvings, stone statues and also hand-painted silk wall coverings. Occupying an old bungalow house along Upper Paya Lebar Road, they offer one of the largest selections of Chinese furniture in Singapore.

Chinese Furniture in Modern Spaces
Chinese furniture, possessing fluid lines and form that will never go out of style, has been gaining in popularity significantly in recent years. Whether in the lobby of a luxury hotel, the reception of a corporate office, or in the home that you live in, it immediately lends an air of calm and nostalgia to any space.

Focus on Antique Pieces
Just Anthony travels regularly to China, sourcing unusual and authentic pieces and supervising their restoration. The restoration process requires a delicate balance between ensuring that each piece is restored carefully to its former beauty, while at the same time preserving the original patina that gives each piece so much character.

Modern Replicas and Custom-Making Services
Working closely with skilled artisans continuing to use traditional joinery in woodworking, Just Anthony breathes new life into timeless classics with quality replicas. Each piece is tailored to your specifications of wood, dimensions and colour, to ensure that it remains in harmony with the space that it is in.

Lead time for custom-made pieces is generally 2 months upon confirmation. Once an order is confirmed, a drawing will be provided to the client for confirmation before production begins at our factory in China.

In addition to producing traditional Chinese styles, Just Anthony also creates furniture which is more contemporary in design. Encompassing subtle Chinese accents in its details or an inspired version of a classic Chinese style, the results are as limitless as your imagination.