Mara Miri

Interior Design consultancy.  We work on projects across the globe, we love to increase clients' conceptual expectations beyond their imagination. We aim to bring life and reality to our clients' style tastes with our professional skills. We offer full or part renovations and customizations.


“Mara Miri”, an African word meaning “exuberant creation”, is known for being different, as well as inspiring new design dimensions and throwing out the rule book.

Mara Miri was awarded BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE by Houzz 2016 to 2019 and is a member of House & Garden's "THE LIST", 

With an upbringing in Africa and going on to working in Asia, the UK, Mallorca and all around the world has given the interior designer an exuberant and International flavor to the interior design portfolio. The founder and Interior Designer at Mara Miri, has worked in countless countries across the globe, specialising in Asia, spearheading projects in Singapore, Thailand, UK, France, Mallorca and even Africa. 

Working with quality specialists in all the necessary fields we have been able to achieve excellent results and happy clients.


“AMA-TU-CASA” in Mallorca, is a new initiative for Mara Miri’s skills. We want you to “LOVE YOUR HOUSE” and we offer Property management Services and will maintain, renovate and clean your house as well as offer our usual innovative interior designs services, including all the services mentioned in our “SERVICES” page. 

MARA MIRI specialises in the following areas:  

New Build and Major Renovation

Concept and Design

CAD Drawing and Plans

Renders and Presentations

Demolition, Renovation including electrical, plumbing, kitchens, bathrooms, carpentry, flooring, tiling architectural installations e.g. windows, doors, etc.

Custom Design, Build furniture and Built-in cabinetry

Soft Furnishings including curtains, cushions, upholstery and rugs

Sourcing products internationally

Project management