Meat the Butcher

Finest fresh meats in town, every type of meat from shabu shabu meat, Welsh lamb, hams and sausages, Japanese Kagashima black cattle beef, marinated meats for a BBQ or a roast. Service, quality, freshness and excellent customer service. 615 Bukit Timah Rd

We know that nowadays, customers are demanding the most from their meat. Whatever your cut, we offer only the finest meats in town at Meat the Butcher, serving up an offering to satisfy the tastebuds of our discerning customers.

Meat the Butcher was started by meat lovers for meat lovers. We sell every possible cut and type of meat imaginable, ranging from steamboat shabu-shabu to marinated meats for a barbeque or even a Sunday roast. All of our meats are brought in directly from the source, by air without freezing to ensuring that no flavour or freshness is lost.

Come experience our fresh and vibrant store, where we place service, quality and customer relationships at the highest priority. Rest assured you that you will be in good company when you talk meat with us. Our dedicated staff has a total combined experience of over 100 years (and counting), placing us in a unique position to offer advice or cooking tips, or simply to discuss our passion for meat.

Though you'll arrive as a customer, we hope that you will join us as a fellow meat lover and friend as well.


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  • Home Delivery
  • Meat Preparation
  • BBQ Packages

Opening Hours:

Daily 10:00-19:00

Meat the Butcher

615 Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 269716.

Phone: +65 6465 1651

Fax : +65 6465 1652