Singapore American School (SAS)

Singapore American School is non-profit, offers a comprehensive American liberal arts education from preschool to grade 12, and has the largest Advanced Placement (AP) program outside the U.S. Accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

Singapore American School (SAS)

Enjoying a reputation as one of the worlds finest international schools, Singapore American School offers a comprehensive liberal arts education, actively engaging students and challenging them to reach their full potential. The school’s commitment to providing an international perspective is reflected in the curriculum, which is similar to that of U.S. college preparatory schools, as well as the availability of extensive service opportunities, and extra-curricular activities.

Singapore American School students consistently rank higher on academic achievement tests than their peers in U.S. school systems, yet students with different learning styles, interests, and personal strengths are welcomed based on the belief that participation in a diverse population will help to prepare students for the world they will encounter as adults.

Singapore American School has the largest Advanced Placement (AP) program outside of the United States, is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) in the U.S., and offers the American High School Diploma at the senior level.

Student enrollment consists of 56% American citizens with 50 additional nationalities comprising the remainder. Instruction is in English, with daily language classes in Mandarin or Spanish for elementary students and every-other-day classes in French, Chinese, Spanish, and Japanese for middle and high school students.

Technology is fully integrated into the curriculum at every grade level at Singapore American School, with 1:1 iPads for students in kindergarten through fourth grade, 1:1 MacBook Pros for students in fifth grade to eighth grade, and 1:1 BYOD for high school students. Technology is purposefully incorporated as a tool for learning in core classrooms as well as in support services, world languages, PE, art, science, and music, and more than 2,000 SAS students publish blogs as portfolios for their work.

State-of-the-art facilities on a 36-acre campus give SAS students the place and space to explore areas of interest and pursue their passions, all while being nurtured within a tight-knit community.

SAS is well known for the breadth and depth of activities it offers beyond the classroom. Students in kindergarten through fifth grade have more than 90 after-school activities to choose from, including instructional and competitive sports teams, language classes, S.T.E.M.-related classes, music, arts, dance, drama, and other activities. Likewise, middle school students can choose from 35 representative sports teams, 21 intramural offerings, and 23 clubs catering to a variety of interests.

The high school division has a wide variety of community service, special interest, and athletic programs, but its premier program is participation in the Interscholastic Association of Southeast Asian Schools (IASAS). Through IASAS, SAS students have the opportunity to compete against other top international schools in Asia in both sports (including cross country, soccer, volleyball, basketball, rugby, swimming, tennis, touch, badminton, golf, softball, and track and field) and cultural events (including art, dance, debate, drama, forensics, music, and Model United Nations).

Singapore American School

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