Singapore St Andrews Society - Scottish Country Dancing

Caters for all levels so you do not need to be an expert! If you dont have a good time we will want to know why! This is your chance to get fit in time for your next holiday or just have fun. Learn some new dances or practise some old ones.

If you are interested in Scottish culture and traditions, please visit our website. We offer members and non-members alike a host of events and activities. You do not need to be Scottish to participate - we welcome anyone with a passion for Scotland!

The aims of the Society, set out many years ago in our constitution, are to observe and celebrate St. Andrews Day, Robert Burns birthday as well as any other event we see fit. The Society also contributes thousands of dollars to charities both in Singapore and Scotland.

  1. Scottish Country Dancing
  2. Pub Night
  3. Golf with St Andrews
  4. Book Club
  5. SSAS Football Club
  6. Bridge

The Singapore St. Andrews Society welcomes all who are interested in Scotland and things Scottish. Formed circa 1836, the Society now has around 500 members. The Singapore St. Andrews Society recognises two types of membership:

  • Full membership, for Scots or those of Scottish ancestry;
  • Associate membership for anyone interested as nationality is not a constraint.

To join up, download the Application Form which takes only seconds. Click here for full details

Membership fees consist of an annual subscription of $40 per person or $80 per family. Renewal of membership is $30 per person or $60 per family.

Please do mention that you found SSAS on Angloinfo