VA Psychology Center

International qualified counselors, therapists and psychologists provide counseling, special needs support, psychological evaluations and educational assessments for adults, children and teens, in English, German, French and Italian. Sunset Way area.

At the VA Psychology Center, we adopt a warm, family-oriented approach when it comes to designing counselling and therapy sessions, taking into account the unique needs of each individual. We welcome individuals, couples and families and offer an extensive range of services including counselling, psychological assessments, psycho-educational and psycho-developmental assessments, autism sibling-support groups, social-skills training groups and enrichment workshops.

The VA Psychology Center offers safe, open-minded and confidential counselling through the following approaches:

1.       Individual (children, teenagers and adults) counselling
2.       Couples and Families counselling
3.       Eye Movement Dessensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)
4.       Hypnotherapy
Please contact us at 6235 9602 for an appointment. Our friendly staff welcome any enquiries and will be happy to assist you from 10am onwards.  In the event that we unable to attend to you at that moment, please leave a voicemail and we will reply at the first possible convenience. Alternatively, you can request for an appointment by emailing us at [email protected]. We operate from 10am to 6.30pm, Mondays through Fridays. Saturday sessions are offered on the basis of our staffs availability. 

Please note that counseling sessions and consultations are by appointment only, unless an emergency arises. An “emergency fee” of $40 will be charged in addition to the regular session fee if the session is held on the Center’s premises. Should you require an off-site emergency service, then the additional charge will be $80 in addition to the regular consultation fee.


  • Counseling Sessions
  • Individual counseling session: $160 - per 50 minutes
  • Individual counseling/Couple’s counseling with Director : $180 – per 50 minutes
  • Couple’s counseling: $220 - per 50 minutes
  • Family therapy: $250 - per 50 minutes (more than 2 family members per session)
  • Parenting Training: $160 - per 50 minutes


  • Individual Session: $200 - per 60 minutes


  • Comprehensive psycho-educational assessment: $1600 -
  • Psycho-developmental assessment: $1000 -
  • School/Home observations: $250 -

Official Letters (per page):

  • Insurance Letters:$50 -
  • Referral letters: $50 -
  • Letters for school related matters: $80 -
  • Relocation and supportive letters: $80 -

Therapy for Children on the Autism Spectrum/Developmental Delay
NABA session: 

  • $160 non-refundable enrolment fee
  • $120 – per 50 minutes (under 3 sessions per week)
  • $100 – per 50 minutes (4 to 6 sessions per week)
  • $80 – per 50 minutes (7 to 10 sessions per week)
  • $180 – per 50 minutes (with Clinic Director)
  • Parent Training of NABA: $300 – per 50 minutes

VA Psychology Center

41 Sunset Way, #01-01 Clementi Arcade, Singapore 597071.

 Phone: +65 6235 9602