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Therapy counselling, psychological and psychotherapy services for adults, teenagers and children experiencing personal or marriage problems, anxiety, stress, depression and mental health issues.  Find out about the different types of therapist and counsellor and how to choose one. Also see Family Counsellors.

Showcase Star
I am a fully qualified, UK trained Psychologist with over twenty-five years experience in clinical practice. I can offer Skype therapy sessions and evening appointments.  
Showcase Star
International therapists providing counselling, life coaching, psychological testing, emergenetic profiling, workshop, & related services for children, adults, couples & families in English, Polish, German, Spanish, Mandarin & Cantonese. Beach...
All in the Mind
One-on-one coaching and training programs to increase individual abilities in communications, self-discipline and self-confidence. Treatment in depression, OCD, addiction, energy loss, relationship problems and anxiety.
Psych & Psych Consultants
Mental health and psychological care including assessment and therapy for individuals (children, teens and adults), couples and families.
Life Pivot Counselling
Individual and couple counselling for a variety of issues such as anxiety, depression, emotion regulation, adjustment issues, relational and personal concerns. Works with children, teenagers, adults and couples.
Singapore Psychological Society
It aims to further the advancement of psychology as a science and as a profession in Singapore. Information for general public and employers about psychological specialties in Singapore.
Leonardo Talpo & Co.
Relationship, marriage and general counselling. Corporate services: soft-skill training, relationship coaching and meeting meditation/facilitation.
The Conscious Choice
Relationships, crisis, self-worth and self-esteem counselling.
Aspire Counselling
Experienced counsellor, offers private face-to-face & online counselling services for individuals, couples, families & children. They also offer corporate services such as mental wellness talks, crisis counselling & employee counselling servic...
Eros Coaching Pte Ltd
Sex and life coaching. Sex education workshops. Life coaching breaks down barriers and sets goals. Telephone coaching available.
Coloured Canvas
Art psychotherapy for children and adolescents with special needs, psycho-emotional issues and learning differences. Addressing needs such as: anxiety, depression, trauma, aggression, low-self esteem, and bullying.
Psycare Consultants
Team of psychologists and therapists for counselling, psychotherapy and psychological assessments for children and adults. 
Soul Centre
Coaching and courses for adults, corporations and kids on life-mastery, stress-management, reiki, mediation, leadership, self-confidence, creativity, and concentration. 
VA Psychology Center
International qualified counselors, therapists and psychologists provide counseling, special needs support, psychological evaluations and educational assessments for adults, children and teens, in English, German, French and Italian. Sunset Way area.
The Psychotherapy Clinic for Adults and Children
Team of psychiatrists and psychologists. 1 Orchard Boulevard, #09-03 Camden Medical Centre, Singapore 248649.
NUS Clinical and Health Psychology Centre (CHPC)
Psychotherapy for depression, anxiety disorders and behavioural problems. For children: intervention for emotional and behavioural issues; psychometric testing for ADHD, and other learning disorders. 
Almagaia Counselling
Almagaia Counselling provides Psychotherapy & Coaching services for expats and locals in the green and serene Dempsey Hill. 
Counselling and therapy services for individuals, couples, families, children and adolescents. 
Can Hope - Caring for Cancer
Non-profit counselling and information resource service for people coping with cancer, run by Parkway Cancer Centre. 
Susanne DiBiagio Counselling
Counselling services: adoption counselling, children and adolescent counselling, family counselling, individual counselling and marriage/couple counselling. 
Ralitza Peeva, PhD, Counsellor, Coach
Counselling and coaching in the areas of anxiety, mood disorders, relationship conflicts, stress management and depression. 
Dr Ruth Manasseh - Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist
Dr Ruth Manasseh D.Psych.Psych qualified at a top London institute and has been in practice for 20 years. Dr Ruth, who lives and works in Singapore, specialises in treating adults, young adults, and couples suffering from complex trauma, anxiety, stress,....
Oogachaga - OC
Gay affirmative agency with counselling and support to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning communities. Services include face to face counselling, hotline service and support group for men and women.
Centre for Effective Living Pte Ltd
Therapy and counselling for individuals and families. Psychological assessments for attention and learning difficulties, developmental disabilities and school placement. 
Dr Art Lee Psych & Counseling Clinic
Treatment of stress-related conditions (work/family etc), panic attacks, anxiety, depression, including general psychiatry, sleeping and drinking problems, and behavior (computer, sexual) addictions. 6 Napier Road, #07-07 Gleneagles Medical Center, S...
Counselling Assessment and Therapy Services
Counselling, assessment and therapy for children, adolescent and adults in the area of mental health. 
Art psychotherapy for children, teens and adults experiencing emotional and psychological difficulties including depression, anxiety, panic, stress and low self esteem. Also supervision, group therapy/training.
Counseling Perspective
Counsellors dealing with stress and anger management, depression, addictions, couple issues, sexual intimacy issues, body image, trauma counseling and grief counseling. Clinics: 15 Scotts Road; Republic Plaza.
InnerDynamics Map Pte. Ltd.
Individualised holistic therapy combining various treatment methods to address emotional, physical and mental problems. Getting to the root cause of the problem creates understanding and initiates the healing process for long term success.
Dr. Adrian Wang Psychiatric and Counselling Care
Treatment of mood, anxiety, stress-related and general psychiatric conditions including depression, bipolar disorder, PTSD, panic disorder and grief issues. 
Sofia Wellness Clinic
Counselling and psychotherapy for children and adults. 
The Hypnosis Clinic
Hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and counselling, working with both individuals and couples. 
Full suite of psychological and behavioural services for both children and adults. 
The Reiki Centre
Reiki classes and life coaching. Bring the body back into balance. 37 Tembeling Rd, Singapore 423580.
Shan You Counselling Centre
Integration of mind-body medicine with counselling and psychotherapy. Services are individual or group psychotherapy, family therapy, marriage enrichment and preparation, relaxation response and mindfulness training.
Holistic Ed-Venture
Services include individual therapy; counselling children and teens; marriage therapy; family therapy; group therapy; pre-marital coaching; life coaching; mindfulness coaching; and hypnotherapy.
Maria Micha Psychotherapy & Hypnotherapy
Counsellor for family and couples' therapy treating depression, addictions, ED, stress and anger issues. 
Tuscher Nutrition
Nutrition therapy/counselling for eating disorders, disordered and emotional eating, body dismorphia; mental health disorders; addiction disorders, as well as a variety of nutritional, psychological and medical concerns (adolescents through adulthood).
Mind Matters
Psychological services including coaching, counselling and psychotherapy. Also runs workshop related to mental health and well-being, and personal growth and development.
SAC Singapore Association for Counselling
Common professional base for the advancement of counselling in Singapore. 
More Mindful Counselling
Counselling services for adults, including maternal mental health and bereavement counselling.
Alliance Counselling - English, French, Spanish, Portuguese,...
Alliance Counselling is a team of multilingual counsellors and psychologists. We provide empathetic professional support and guidance to men, women, couples, children, teenagers and families.
The School of Positive Psychology
Counselling for individual family, couples and group hypnotherapy.
SACAC Counselling – Singapore’s Comprehensive Mental Health...
International therapists provide counselling/psychological support for children, adults, couples and families. Issues include adjustment, stress, depression, anger, child/adolescent and relationship issues. Professional, discrete and cent...
Scott Psychological Centre
For ADHD and developmental trauma, depression, anxiety, and complex PTSD (adult issues arising from childhood neglect abuse, or traumatisation). 
Baby Sleep Fairy
Sleep consultation for babies and children from 0 to 5 years old, with night wakings, bed time struggles, early morning wakings and napping problems. Also addresses adult sleep disorders.
Catalyst Counselling
Confidential psychotherapy counselling for people needing support at difficult times in their lives. 
Lifesteps Counselling
Sheryl Bathman, experienced Australian counsellor/psychotherapist, mindfulness trainer. Individual and couples counselling for relationships, stress/anxiety, depression, etc. Private and group mindfulness training. Central Orchard location.
Gallery Helios
Executive, life, team and personal performance coaching. Advice with careers, relationships, work-life balance, anxiety, phobia, PTSD, allergies, pain and mobility issues. Also available workshops, certification classes, conferences and retreats.
The Cabin Singapore
Addiction therapy that focuses on the treatment for substance addictions, such as alcohol and drugs. Other specialties include aiding individuals suffering from process addictions such as gambling, sex and the internet. 10 Sinaran Drive #11-02 Novena...
Clarity Singapore
Charitable organisation responding to mental health needs in Singapore. Counsellling, workshops and activities. 
Jungian Analyst - Helping you make meaning
A psychoanalyst trained with the International Association for Analytical Psychology (IAAP), Zurich, Ms. Aditee Ghate specialises in depth psychology-she helps people explore the relationship between the 'conscious' and the 'unconscious'.
Centre For Psychotherapy
Family and marriage counselling. Caregiver courses for the terminally ill, diagnosed with Alzheimer's and the elderly. Psychological intervention, spiritual counselling and yoga therapy. 200 Jalan Sultan, #02-25 Textile Center, Singapore.
Solutions 4 Life - Psychological Services
Clinical psychology for families, adults and teenagers. Services include psychotherapy and counselling. 
Mind What Matters
Evidence-based approach to psychotherapy and counselling for adults suffering from anxiety, anger, depression and addiction. 
Connected Sense Psychological Practice
Counselling/psychotherapy for anxiety, depression and inter- relationships. Also conducts one on one and group mindfulness workshops. 
All in the Family Counselling Centre & Clinical Sex Therapis...
Relationship counselling by experienced counsellor, Tammy Fontana - US trained Master Degree Level, MS, NCC, CTRT. Emphasizing succinct client change through evidence-based interventions for individuals, couples and families. Improvements in 4-6 sessions.
The Counselling Paradigm
Counselling services in marriage counselling, relationship counselling, individual counselling, depression, and anger management. 
Counselling Online via Skype with English Counsellor
Feeling Down?  Relationship difficulties?  Just want to Talk?Helping individuals and couples to help themselves deal with Depression, Stress, Anxiety, Grief, Addiction and relationship issues etc. 
Knowthyself - Eugenia Gajardo
Psychospiritual counselling and meditation. Support and help with life dilemmas and challenges. Confidential, empathetic environment for change and transformation.
Work & Health Psychologists (WHP)
Family psychology, individual and couple counselling, stress management, psychological assessment, executive coaching, group dynamics, HR workshops, cultural sensitization, sports psychology, organizational research and communication impact.
JCU Singapore Psychology Clinic
Counselling service for adults, children and families who need assessment and/or short-term intervention for social, emotional, behavioural and learning difficulties. Trainees will attend each session.
Rational Living Inc
Psychological services to adults, children, families, couples, groups and companies and supervisory services to aspiring and practicing psychologists. 
InsideOutYou Coaching & Training
Coaching for personal transformation in life and at work.
Promises Services @ Winslow Clinic - Psychiatry & Psychology...
Promises healthcare works on a unique model offering holistic specialist care though a multi-disciplinary approach in the treatment of addictions and mental health issues for individuals, family, children and group therapy. Novena Medical Centre.
Ministry of Therapy
Therapeutic services to promote mental, physical, and emotional well-being. House call service is available and private appointments.
Growth Resources Psychotherapy & Coaching
Psychotherapy and counseling for trauma, grief, transition, depression, anxiety, psychiatric issues, emotional issues, marital and couple issues, parenting, for adults and children of all ages. 
PsyAsia International
Online psychometric tests, aptitude tests and personality assessments, employee screening, psychologist assessment and interview services, human resource training and HR consulting.
City Counselling
Psychotherapist and counsellor provides help for those considering difficult life-changes and those with feelings of sadness, loss and dissatisfaction with life. Singapore Land Tower, 50 Raffles Place, Singapore 048623.
Fernhill Psychology, Counselling & Psychotherapy
Professional, qualified, international group of psychologists and counsellors from NZ, Oz, Singapore, India, Sth Africa, Europe, UK, and USA. Therapy for Individuals, couples and children in a beautiful, discrete, park location. Caring and committed appro...
Adelphi Psych Medicine Clinic
Women and children's mental health issues such as recovery from trauma, healing and grief.
The Counsellors
Psychologists for teenagers, couples and individuals for anxiety disorders, depression, relationships, self-harming and weight loss. 
Counselling Werkz
Psychotherapist for children and teens, communication and conflict resolution issues for families and marriage counselling for couples. 
The Center for Psychology - River Valley Road
Ethical, psychological consultations and counseling. Latest clinical tools and methods to advance the emotional, spiritual, relational, behavioral and mental wellbeing.
Raffles Counselling Centre
Child, adolescent and geriatric psychiatry, medico-legal forensic issues, addictions, stress, eating disorders, psychotherapy, group therapy, psychological testing.