Dragon & Lion Dance Groups

Yun Yang Dragon and Lion Dance Association (Singapore)
Dragon and lion dancing at official occasions and events such as openings of clubs and restaurants.
NTU Dragon and Lion Dance Troupe
A lion and dragon dance group who will perform at celebrations, official openings as well as corporate events.
Singapore Nam Wah Pai Dragon & Lion Dance Troupe
Dragon and Lion Dance performances for all occasions, especially official openings and events. Complete with drums and cymbals.
Wen Yong
Dragon and lion dance troupe that can cater to customers requirement as per occasion.
Sar Kong Lion Dance
Traditional Southern lion and dragon dance for stage performances.
He Xin (Canberra) Lion & Dragon Arts Troupe
Lion and dragon dance services, including twin lion and big head doll plucking the green twin lion. Welcoming VIP dragon dance opening ceremonies. 50 foot flower floats God Of Fortune.
YF Performing Arts
Lion and dragon dances for corporate events, weddings, community functions and other celebrations. Also specialise in various other ethnic dance and cultural performances.
Tian Eng Dragon & Lion Dance Centre
Lion and dragon dance performances with multiple drums for opening ceremonies and other events, as well as stiltwalkers, jugglers and mascots.
Yiwei Athletic Association
Yiwei Dragon and Lion Dance Troupe. Performance and competition group. Corporate and company events as well as at official opening ceremonies.
Joan Walker Pte Ltd
Entertainment and venue performances in traditional styles, characters and methods such as lion and dragon dance, specialty acts, mimes, contortionist and magicians. 
Singapore Dragon & Lion Athletic Association
This group of lion and dragon dancers will perform at official openings and ceremonies.
Wei Eng Dragon & Lion Dance Centre
Performances include lion dance, dragon dance, festive war drum and traditional drums.
NUS Lion Dance Sub-Club
Lion dance style is from Southern China and belongs to the He Shan school. Available for performances at official openings, community events and celebrations.
HeQuan Institute of Wushu and Lion Dance
Lion dance troupe with wide a range of services such as lion dance, dragon, dance, god of fortune and big flags.
Long Quan Dragon and Lion Dance Troupe
Dragon and lion dance performances for private functions, corporate events and official openings.