Government Ministries

Ministry of Defence (MINDEF)
Singapores ministry for defence web portal.
Ministry of Education (MOE)
Singapore government website for education. 1 North Buona Vista Drive, Singapore 138675.
Ministry of Finance, (MOF)
Singapore government website covering all aspects of finance. 100 High Street, #10-01 The Treasury, Singapore 179434.
Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI)
Ministry that looks after museums and the arts and keeping people connected with information in Singapore.
Ministry of Health, (MOH)
Health ministry that manages health aspects in Singapore. College of Medicine Building, 16 College Road, Singapore 169854.
Child Protective Service
Government organisation set up to help protect children.
Singov Government Information
The default homepage for the Singapore Government Online. National Marketing Department, Public Communications Division, Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts (MICA), 140 Hill Street, 5th Storey, MICA Building, Singapore 179369.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, (MFA)
Government ministry that deals with foreign affairs. Tanglin, Singapore 248163.
Ministry of National Development, (MND)
Singapore government ministry that takes care of the development of Singapore. 5 Maxwell Road, #21-00/#22-00 Tower Block, MND Complex, Singapore 069110.
Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports (MCYS)
The Singapore governments youth and sports website.
Prime Ministers Office (PMO)
Singapore's Prime Ministers official web site.
Singapore Department of Statistics
The Singapore statistics department develop and manage a national statistical information system of quality and integrity to support Singapores social and economic development. 100 High Street, #05-01, The Treasury, Singapore 179434.
National Environment Agency (NEA)
Information and news about Singapores environment. The NEA focus on the implementation of environmental policies and protecting the environment. It implements programmes to monitor, reduce and prevent environmental pollution and noise complaints.
Singapore Workforce Development Agency
WDA supports the growth of Singapore industries by building a pipeline of competent workers through the constant upgrading of workers skills and raising industrial performance standards. 1 Marina Boulevard, #16-01 One Marina Boulevard Singapore 018989
Ministry of Transport, (MOT)
Government ministry that cares for transport in Singapore.
The Building and Construction Authority (BCA)
The BCA is part of the Ministry of National Development, overseeing the development of buildings, structures and infrastructure. 5 Maxwell Rd, #16-00 Tower Block MND Complex, Singapore 069110.
Ministry of The Environment and Water Resources,(MEWR)
Government ministry that monitors and protects the environment.
Ministry of Trade and Industry, (MTI)
Government ministry that deals with trade and industry. 100 High Street, #09-01 The Treasury, Singapore 179434
Ministry of Communications and Information
Information portal about Singapore by the Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts in Singapore
Ministry of Law, (MinLaw)
Government ministry that overlooks all aspects of law. The Treasury, 100 High Street #08-02, Singapore 179434.
Ministry of Manpower, (MOM)
The government ministry that takes care of all matters relating to work permits, employment passes and working in Singapore. 18 Havelock Road, Singapore 059764.
Media Development Authority
Supports Singapores long-term vision of growing into a global IDM capital. The goal of the Programme is to help grow Singapore into a vibrant global media capital.
Ministry of Home Affairs, (MHA)
The government ministry that overlooks welfare and safety of Singapore. New Phoenix Park, 28 Irrawaddy Road, Singapore 329560.
Registry of Marriages
Apply on-line to organise registering a marriage.
Singapore Mediation Centre
The SMC is a non-profit organisation guaranteed by the Singapore Academy of Law. It is dedicated to the promotion of amicable and efficient settlement of disputes of all types from tenancy agreements to construction issues and divorce settlements. 1....